Mazda MX-30 - urban crossover and competitor Tesla Model X (9 photos)

Japanese automakers will be able to makeTesla competes well in the increasingly popular electric vehicle market. Mazda developers at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 events announced the new compact crossover for urban conditions MX-30, capable of competing with the famous Tesla Model X.

Standalone crossover MX-30It is provided by a 35.5 kW / h battery, providing a range of up to 210 km in the WLTP cycle. The torque is 264 Nm, and the power is 142 hp. The architecture of e-Skyactiv is used.

The scheme of doors - Freestyle, providesmore comfortable use of interior space. Unlike the Tesla Model X, whose doors open upwards, the MX-30's front doors open 82 degrees forward and the rear doors are short 80 degrees backward, which makes loading the car as easy as possible.

Overall dimensions of MX-30: 4.2 meters in length and 1.5 meters in height. The main advantage of the car will be the dynamics. Traction vector control allowed to distribute the mass of the car in an optimal plane. Placing the battery at the rear, and the engine in the front, allowed to reduce the height of the cent of gravity, which has a beneficial effect on the stability of the car.

The battery is attached to the housing in20 points, which reduces noise while driving. Forced battery cooling uses a special refrigerant. Accelerated charging is provided by CHAdeMO or COMBO technologies. According to preliminary data, the cost of the MX-30 in Europe will reach 39 thousand dollars, and delivery will begin in 2020.