Testing of laser drone hunters started by the U.S. Air Force

The problem of active use of dronesin the conduct of modern combat requires an unconventional solution. The U.S. Air Force will be testing the drone attack prevention system using high-tech laser weapons throughout the year. The development of a laser hunter for enemy unmanned aerial vehicles was carried out by Raytheon, which supplied the US Air Force with the first installation based on a cross-country vehicle (bugs). The developers said that "less than 24 months have passed from the drawing board to the actual installation."

High energy installation usesspecial electro-optical or infrared sensors to identify the target, track it and transmit data to the laser gun to destroy the drone. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

Electrical power to the unit is supplied byordinary household 220-volt outlet and allows you to produce several tens of shots of the laser system from a single charge. More precise specifications have not been disclosed. If the installation is located in the field in the absence of power lines, charging is carried out by the generator.

Testing will be conducted abroad throughout the year. The main objective of the installation will be to prevent the attack of enemy drones on US military bases located abroad.

Source: engadget