In Russia, a reduction in the range of household appliances and electronics was recorded

In Russia, retailers have recorded a decrease in the range of goods from the categories of electronics and household appliances,

RBC reports with reference to market participants.This is happening against the backdrop of statements by a number of foreign companies about curtailing their business in the country, as well as due to logistical difficulties in the supply of components. In terms of brands, the range of the most significantly decreased in Bosch, Electrolux, Samsung, Miele, Dyson, Apple. With regard to goods specifically, the maximum reduction occurred in those categories dominated by American, Korean and European brands. We are talking about smartphones, TVs, dishwashers, built-in refrigerators and ovens.

As a result, according to RBC sources, a place onThe market is occupied by Chinese and Turkish brands. In addition, after well-known foreign brands left the Russian market, retailers began to import electronics into the country using a parallel import scheme, which involves importing goods into the country without the permission of the copyright holder. The Ministry of Industry and Trade allowed parallel imports of certain goods to Russia in early May. These included cars and spare parts for them, pharmaceutical products, household appliances and electronics, railway locomotives and rolling stock - a total of 50 product groups.