Apple launches iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome users on Windows

Windows and Mac computers are getting closer.Apple has updated its iCloud Windows app, signaling the upcoming introduction of Chrome support. The innovation allows you to use iCloud passwords through the Chrome browser on Windows.

An updated app that is extremely useful forWindows 10 users have also made improvements to the folder sharing UI, making it much easier to access and share folders on any supported platform. From now on, users of computers running Windows and Mac will find it much easier to work on devices with different operating systems.

A new browser extension allows you to geton other Apple devices, access passwords that users have saved in Safari, and then use them in Chrome on a Windows PC. In addition, it becomes possible to save any new passwords created in Chrome to the iCloud keychain so that they are synchronized between user Apple devices.

The new iCloud Passwords update has arrived inthe Chrome Web Store. However, the extension itself became known last week, when even before the official release of iCloud Passwords, iCloud for Windows 10 update in the description of the innovations indicated support for iCloud Passwords for Chrome.