Alternative Huawei applications to Google programs will not cause difficulties for users

One of the most serious casualties in the ongoingThe success of the US-China Trade War has given Huawei a special role, which suffers from sanctions blocking access to Google applications. One of the world leaders in the production of smartphones is forced to seek a replacement for such well-known and popular applications among users as Google Maps, Google Drive and Gmail.

However, the leadership of Huawei has decidedDevelop your own software applications, with features similar to the forbidden products from the American Google. The teams of developers from India were involved in the work.

Huawei's main concern nowis the creation of a full-fledged proprietary ecosystem that can compete with the vast capabilities of Google software products. The mobile system Huawei Mobile Services has already been developed, and by the end of the year it is planned to introduce the main branded applications for navigation, gamers, instant messengers and payments.

Thus, in the coming, last weekyears, you can see alternative Huawei applications that can replace the Google Play Games, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Pay, YouTube and the Google Play Store. At the same time, business models will be created that can attract developers, creators of content and services.

Huawei Honor Sub-Brand Next Modelwill be released with Google Services, however, negotiations are already underway with 150 Indian developers to implement their applications in the Huawei App Gallery - an analogue of the Google Play Store.

Source: gsmarena