Presented the first video of the full disassembly of the iPhone 12 (2 photos + video)

Only today, October 23rd, will officially startsale of Apple iPhone 12 smartphones, however, experts, enthusiasts and journalists have been testing devices for several days, talking about its design and technical parameters. Representatives of the company Century Weifeng Technology, the first in the world to publish a video disassembling the base model iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch screen. The video disassembled the iPhone 12Continue Reading


MIJIA Smart Switch is priced by Xiaomi at $ 7

Xiaomi smart home ecosystem continuesreplenish with new gadgets. A smart switch Mijia Smart Switch was deployed to the crowdfunding platform, which can be controlled using a smartphone from anywhere in the world. Low price, standard design and long service life guarantee the popularity of the next smart device from Xiaomi. The developers offer two modifications of Mijia Smart Switch: with one or two buttons. ModelContinue Reading


Xiaomi's posture corrector costs only $ 14 (3 photos + video)

On a proprietary Xiaomi crowdfunding platformYoupin has launched a fundraising project for the release of the Hipee Smart, a compact posture correction device. Compact and lightweight (depending on the modification 50 or 62 grams), the device is designed to solve one of the most pressing problems of mankind - changes in posture due to a sedentary lifestyle, constant use of smartphones and work with computers.Continue Reading


Announcement. ZTE Blade V2020 5G for China

In China, announced a smartphone called ZTEBlade V2020 5G. Similar to the ZTE Blade V2020 we sell, but much more powerful. Well, with support for 5G networks, of course. But the ZTE Blade V2020 Smart does not look like a bit. I just don't understand. Why did everyone and in all the news just call himContinue Reading

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How does plastic get into children's bodies and can it be avoided?

Irish scientists have shared disturbing news. In the course of their study, it turned out that about one million microscopic particles of plastic enter the bodies of babies every day. Sources of potentially hazardous substances are bottles from which many parents feed their newborn babies. Before making nutritional mixtures, the bottles are disinfected in hot water and it is after heating that the plastic begins to disintegrate into tinyContinue Reading

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Marriages between relatives - what happens if you marry a cousin?

The protagonist of the animated series "Futurama" Fry, because oftime travel quirks, became his own grandfather, which was the reason for his unique brain waves. It turned out that Fry's brain waves are not influenced by the brain waves of alien flying brains, which decided to take over the Earth and made all people very stupid. Everyone except the 1999 pizza delivery man who became the most important person inContinue Reading


Americans will create the perfect analogue of plant-based milk (2 photos)

Currently to replace cow's milkplant analogues made from soy or coconuts are used. These substitutes have a significantly different taste and texture than natural milk of animal origin. Impossible Foods, a renowned plant-based meat producer, is trying to remedy the situation. The company announced significant advances in the development of an analogue of natural milk and isolation forContinue Reading


Experts have compared the autonomy of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 with Android flagships (2 photos)

Newly unveiled iPhone 12 series for the first timefor Apple smartphones received support for fifth-generation 5G networks. At the same time, the battery capacity of smartphones has been reduced. Tom’s Guide tested the new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 to determine how these changes affected battery life. The autonomy of the iPhone was also compared with competing flagships.Continue Reading