A simple medical examination saved the lives of millions of women.

Breast cancer is considered one of the mostcommon types of dangerous disease. Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, he is no longer a death sentence. Scientists have not yet come up with the most effective method of treatment, but medicine has an old and effective way to diagnose the disease early. It was he who, judging by recent statistics, since 1989 saved aboutContinue Reading


Media: Russia is considering the possibility of mining on the moon

According to RIA Novosti, referring tosource in the rocket and space industry, Russia is considering the possibility of mining on the moon. In the early 2030s, an entire research and development range is planned to be deployed on Earth’s satellite. According to the agency interlocutor, this proposal was addressed to the Roskosmos state corporation and the Russian Academy of Sciences by the Lavochkin NPO. The source indicates that the moon inContinue Reading


Ilon Musk and SpaceX sued NASA

It seems to be brewing a small scandal. Ilon Mask and his company, SpaceX, filed a lawsuit against NASA, yes, at their direct employer and partner, because according to a contract with NASA, Mask supplies supplies to the ISS using their Falcon 9 missiles. The problem is that SpaceX lost the tender and now requires an explanation. FirstContinue Reading


NuDock docking station turns a smartphone into a desktop computer (7 photos + video)

Modern smartphones are becoming increasinglypowerful, many of them are even more productive than office computers. In this case, mainly their resources are spent on social networks and web surfing. After all, even the largest of them have insufficiently large displays to use them for solving serious problems. & New NuDock docking station will reveal the true potential of a smartphone on the Android OS. With her help toContinue Reading


Liquid cooled mattress can satisfy any

High tech got to the bedrooms. For example, Ford has been demonstrating children's beds for several years in a row, which make soothing sounds of a car, and adults who are solving an important problem for many couples. The other day was about another new product that many people would like to have in their bedroom - a mattress with liquid cooling Pod Eight Sleep. According to the developers, he is ableContinue Reading


Created a cure for age-related muscle weakening

The sad fact is that after 35 years, almost everyonea person begins to lose muscle mass and weaken. Of course, this process can be slowed down with the help of physical exercises, but not every person is involved in physical exercise. Especially for those who can’t or don’t want to keep their body fit, researchers from the University of Texas at Galveston have createdContinue Reading


The space debris capture experiment using a harpoon proved successful.

Pilot British probe RemoveDEBRISsuccessfully coped with the second part of the test systems for collecting space debris, for the first time in space conditions capturing the object using a harpoon, according to a website in a press release from the University of Surrey. Recall that during the first test, held in September last year, the device captured a mock of garbage with the help of a fishing network, for the first time showing the real potentialContinue Reading


Conducted a successful test of the capture of space debris network

RemoveDEBRIS spacecraft sent toThe ISS using the SpaceX launch vehicle this summer was able to capture an improvised piece of space debris orbiting the planet with a network, demonstrating for the first time the real potential of this technology for cleaning up near-Earth space. The implementation of the experimental phase of the mission began on September 16, when a satellite weighing 100 kilograms fired a network 5 meters wide into the previously releasedContinue Reading