Wondershare Filmora9 Video Editor - Easy to Use and Learn

Wondershare Filmora 9 - software forvideo editing with a simple interface and huge tools for creating non-linear editing. The utility was created with the aim to please newcomers in the field of editing, having in its stock all the most necessary presets and libraries, allowing you to quickly and easily create a video for a blog or export a project to social networks. The utility is available on WindowsContinue Reading


Vulnerability in LTE networks allows eavesdropping on other people's phone conversations

For mobile users especiallyit is important to preserve confidentiality, which is ensured by encrypted conversations in LTE (4G) networks. However, security experts from the German Horst Hertz Institute (HGI) at the Ruhr University have identified a flaw in the encryption system, which in some cases allows wiretapping. The vulnerability was revealed in systems using the Voice over LTE standard, which implements the transmission of mobile telephoneContinue Reading


Xiaomi and Lamborghini have created an electric card with a unique design and high power (2 photos)

At the festive presentation dedicated to the 10th anniversaryof the company, Xiaomi presented the result of a joint partnership project with the automobile concern Lamborghini. It was the unique Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition electric card, created with the involvement of the subsidiary Xiaomi Ninebot-Segway and Lamborghini specialists. The exterior design of the new model is a stylized version of the Ninebot Gokart Pro released earlier this year in China. Kart paintedContinue Reading


It took half a year to create the world's smoothest AMD processor (video)

High performance of modernprocessors are provided with efficient heat removal from the working area using active and passive cooling systems. In addition to the cooler, the smoothness of the surface on the built-in heatsink (IHS) affects the heat dissipation process. Swedish enthusiast Simon Penrow, author of the Penrowe YouTube channel, decided to use hand grinding to increase the contact surface on the IHS capContinue Reading


A method for recording information on synthetic molecules invented

The problem of compact and reliable storage andbroadcasting information is key in the development of modern information technologies. As data carriers, you can use various objects, substances in which you can set a strict sequence of parameters, such as "0" and "1" in binary code, DNA code, Morse code for wiring, or the beating of war drums from African tribes. The newest material on whichContinue Reading


The closest neutron star to Earth is only 33 years old

Thirty-three years ago, in February 1987astronomers watched the explosion of a massive star, marking the birth of the closest supernova to Earth in history. The phenomenon was named "Supernova 1987A" (SN 1987A). The giant explosion took place far enough, not even in our Galaxy, at a distance of 170 thousand light years from Earth in the Large Magellanic Cloud. EducationContinue Reading


Tesla Model S may lose lead in autonomous range race to Lucid Air (video)

Indicator of autonomous driving range on onebattery life is Tesla's main advantage over numerous competitors. However, from now on, Elon Musk gets a serious competitor - a Lucid Air car that can compete with the autonomy of the Tesla Model S, the recognized world leader in this sector. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer Lucid Air, the company Lucid Motors, was founded and is headed by people from Tesla,Continue Reading


Microsoft's Suface Duo specifications and pricing published (4 photos)

Microsoft officially launchespre-ordering a smartphone with two Surface Duo screens, reveals the technical specifications and publishes the final price of the device, which will be a hefty $ 1,399. Retail sales of the Android smartphone will begin on September 10th. For the first time, the intention to release a smartphone with two screens on a 360-degree articulated joint was announced ten months ago. In the final versionContinue Reading


Announcement. Oukitel C21 - weird semi-budgetary

Oukitel PR people, let's face it, a littlegot it. Over the past month, I have received seven (!) Letters with various pieces of information about the upcoming Oukitel C21. True, let's be even more frank, I have not read the previous six until today. So. $ 89.99 (₽6680) on Kick-Off Sale starting August 24. Moreover, as a regular priceContinue Reading

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Russian vaccine against coronavirus: everything you need to know

The question of creating a vaccine against coronavirus has appearedalmost immediately after COVID-19 spread outside China and millions of people realized the real threat it poses. Work on the vaccine began in March - Germany, Russia, the USA, China and others were noted among the countries that are developing it. Shortly thereafter, scientists from the National Epidemiology Research CenterContinue Reading