New NASA Mars Mars 2020: assembled and undergoing an active testing phase.

The new NASA rover, which will go toThe red planet in the summer of 2020, is currently undergoing an active phase of inspections and testing. According to the portal, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory specialists have fully assembled and tested the compatibility of a special capsule in which the rover will fly to our planetary neighbor. During the landing on the surface of Mars, a new autonomous scientificContinue Reading


China tested the world's first unmanned amphibious assault boat

Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group,A member of the Chinese Shipbuilding Corporation, conducted tests of the world's first unmanned amphibious boat using low-incandescent technology and intended for amphibious assault landing on the enemy’s coast. The robotic vessel, called the Marine Lizard (“Sea Lizard”), was built in Wuhan (central Hubei province) and is a 12-meter trimaran equipped with a diesel engine. As indicated by theContinue Reading


Found variations of genes that protect against obesity and diabetes

Obesity and diabetes - verycommon problems, especially in the USA. To improve the lives of people, scientists are constantly looking for drugs to prevent them, and each time they find new ways to influence their sources. For example, researchers from the University of Cambridge found variations of the same genes that protect people from obesity and its symptoms - thisContinue Reading


Artificial Intelligence composes music in the style of death metal live

Founded by DadabotsBoston programmers CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski are engaged in a very unusual thing - they teach artificial intelligence how to write "heavy" music. In 2017, the developers presented the black metal album “Coditany of Timeness”, and now showed the public the result of the algorithm that composes music in the style of death metal. According to them, the algorithm creates a pretty decent forContinue Reading


Artificial Intelligence has recorded a death metal music album.

The fact that artificial intelligence is able to writepictures and create music, today you will not surprise anyone. Moreover, it turns out that the AI ​​is quite good. Recall the recent release of the album in the style of pop, where all the music was created using a neural network. But this time we have some good news for fans of “heavier music”, andContinue Reading


Samsung has mastered the 5-nanometer manufacturing process processors

Korean Samsung Corporation reported thatsuccessfully mastered the 5-nanometer technology for the release of mobile processors. The plans - the start of mass production next year. This is currently the most subtle process for creating semiconductor chips. Reducing the thickness of the chip production process makes it possible to more densely place transistors. As a result, energy costs are reduced, the speed of the signal increases. According to the manufacturer, thanksContinue Reading


Updated Large Hadron Collider to help scientists discover dark matter

After the accelerator charged in 2021Particles of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will again be launched after the upgrade and will be able to push the particles together again, scientists hope with the help of it to finally discover the elusive dark matter. For decades, physicists have been trying in vain to discover dark matter particles that account for the bulk of our Universe. However nowContinue Reading


The creator of CRISPR-twin was in the list of influential people according to Time. But it is unlikely to be happy about this.

He Jiangkui - the one that is nowin custody in China for creating genetically modified twins - wanted to be famous. But definitely not in this sense. Time editors included the creator of the first CRISPR kids in their list of “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2019. But one of the inventors of CRISPR, Jennifer, was instructed to reveal the profile of JiankuyaContinue Reading


Boston Dynamics will start mass production of SpotMini robots this summer.

Last year at TechCrunch,dedicated to robotics, the Boston Dynamics company announced plans to launch its SpotMini robot dog on commercial rails. The latest model of this robot will be the embodiment of ten years of work on a four-legged machine, which the company has developed specifically for inspecting and controlling various production and office premises. At the TechCrunch event held the day before, one went up to the stageContinue Reading