OnePlus smartphones carry privacy risks (3 photos)

Saving personal data to userssmartphones is a priority. However, not all manufacturers are responsible for solving the problem of protecting personal data. Proprietary application Shot on OnePlus for smartphones OnePlus has a vulnerability that carries the threat of losing sensitive customer information. This application allows the owner of the smartphone to place personal photos in the publicly available list of wallpapers. User snapshot can be set toContinue Reading


Robots have learned to recognize objects with a glance and a touch.

It is quite easy for people to determine the density andthe relief of the subject, just by looking at it. You might as well say what the object looks like, just touching it with your eyes closed. Such skills would help robots to interact better with objects, but, unfortunately, until now they were not available to them. Researchers from the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence MIT (CSAIL) decidedContinue Reading


The Very Large Telescope was updated, and began to look for exoplanets in Alpha Centauri

One of the most powerful structures for searching andThe discovery of distant planets is located in Chile, and it is known as the Very Large Telescope (VLT). It is a huge complex of four main and four additional optical telescopes, and for more than 20 years of its existence, he was able to take super-precise photos of Jupiter and discover many distant exoplanets. Henceforth their searchContinue Reading


In Europe, found salt. What does this mean for life near Jupiter?

Europe, the frozen moon near Jupiter, is consideredone of the most habitable worlds in the solar system. It was first examined in detail by the Voyager-1 probe in 1979, showing the surface almost devoid of large craters. This suggests that water regularly flows upward, renewing the surface of the satellite. Europe is also dotted with long hollows, folds and ridges, potentially made of icebergs,Continue Reading


Published ranking of the most unprotected from hacking hacking devices

According to the developer of protective softwareSecuring Sam, at the moment in every European home there are 14 devices connected to the Internet, and in the United States their number does reach 17 pieces. Each of them runs the risk of being hacked because by gaining access to them, attackers can steal users' personal data and use them to blackmail or othersContinue Reading


NASA needs another 20 billion dollars to land people on the moon by 2024

NASA needs another 20-30 billion dollarsbeyond the current budget of the space agency, to land people on the moon by 2024. This was told by NASA administrator Jim Brydenstein. “Think of this as a short-term investment that will allow us to get a stable program on the moon, after which we will eventually move to Mars,” said Brydenstein. How much money does NASA needContinue Reading


Transfusion of young blood slowed the aging of mice

Experiments on young blood transfusion in order toaging has been slowed down for a long time, and despite the skepticism of some scientists and the potential danger, sometimes the experiments give very encouraging results. Scientists from the University of Washington School of Medicine conducted a study in which older plasma mice were not transferred to a plasma, but a certain protein of young individuals - in the end, they found thatContinue Reading


The oldest artificial islands found in Scotland

At this point in Scotland and Ireland you canto find more than 1500 so-called crannogues - small artificial islands of the XVII – XVIII centuries, which were built on rivers and lakes. The oldest existing crannogue until now was considered to be built between 3650 and 2500 BC Ilen Donnell, but it turned out that there are artificial islands in the worldContinue Reading


Cotton waste can be turned into biodegradable plastic

The process of obtaining cotton for the manufacture of threads andThe fabric consists of several steps, and after it remains waste that is simply thrown away at landfills, or incinerated. According to researchers from the Australian University of Deakin, the remaining debris can be used more intelligently, and turn it into biodegradable plastic. He, in turn, can be a cheap and environmentally friendly replacement of syntheticContinue Reading


Why earth geoengineering could trigger the start of the Third World War?

Looking at the latest reports and forecasts, it is difficultbelieve that the developed countries are somehow trying to solve the problem of a rapidly changing global climate on the planet, for example, by reducing the use of fossil fuels. In any case, the failure to solve the problem of gasoline and coal cannot be solved; therefore, some scientists suggest more radical ways of preventing the inevitable impendingContinue Reading