Introduced Apple AirTag tracker, which provides search for things using the Find My network (6 photos + video)

Apple introduces anotherdevice from the Find My ecosystem. The long-awaited AirTag tracker, which can use the iPhone to track the location of items of significance to the user, will be available for pre-orders from April 23, and the device will appear in the retail network as early as next Friday, April 30, 2021. The official announcement of the start of sales of the AirTag tracker took place atContinue Reading


Announcement. Wow, what twins! Moto G60 and Moto G40 Fusion

Announcement.Wow, what twins! Moto G60 and Moto G40 Fusion Motorola has announced a couple of smartphones in India, the Moto G60 and Moto G40 Fusion. And this is just the case when you want to say - damn it, why in India ?! The proverbial price-performance ratio is very, very interesting. Capacious batteries, solid cameras, high-frequency screens. Everything is with them. Smartphones are very similar.Continue Reading

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Eating energy drinks can lead to dire consequences

British doctors told the story of beforewhat dire consequences can bring excessive use of energy drinks. They were approached by a young man complaining of memory problems, trembling hands, edema on the legs and shortness of breath. According to him, he did not drink alcohol and illegal substances, but over the course of two years he drank about two liters.Continue Reading

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How many dangerous dinosaurs have lived on Earth in history?

Some of the most dangerous animals in historyThe earth is considered to be tyrannosaurs. They were huge predators with a large skull, which was balanced by a long and heavy tail. Once, paleontologists managed to find the remains of a tyrannosaurus, the body length of which was more than 12 meters, and the mass was almost 10 tons. Due to their impressive size and sharp teeth, these creatures could easily tearContinue Reading


What are the consequences of stopping the rotation of the Earth demonstrated in the video

Climate change, environmental and man-madethe disaster, the global coronavirus pandemic, seemed insufficient for journalists, and they decided to recall the demo video of the online edition of Tech Insider, published back in 2015, showing the result of a complete stop of the Earth's rotation around its own axis. The results are simply disastrous and will lead to the complete destruction of the human population on the planet. It is known that the rotation of the Earth occursContinue Reading


Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra official unboxing video underwater (video)

On the official Xiaomi account inChinese social network Weibo published a 56-second commercial during which the underwater unpacking and launch of the "flagship of flagships" Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra takes place. The video shows a scuba diving user wearing a mask who unpacks a new Xiaomi smartphone underwater and successfully launches it. Then heContinue Reading


Completed Sunseap offshore solar power plant in Singapore

Built and commissioned in Singaporethe world's largest solar power plant located on the surface of the water. Located in the Woodlands Offshore Floating Photovoltaic System (OFPV) with a peak power of five megawatts in the Strait of Johor. The solar panels are located on an area comparable to seven football pitches and will be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4,258 tonsContinue Reading


NASA astronaut unveils a unique video of the Milky Way filmed from aboard Crew Dragon Resilience

Impressive video with an unusually beautiful viewThe Milky Way was published by NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins. The fragment was filmed from the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft on approach to the International Space Station. Now all earthlings will be able to enjoy the view of our Galaxy as astronauts see it from space. Astronaut Mike Hopkins is no stranger to space; he made his first flight back inContinue Reading


Executive electric sedan Mercedes-Benz EQS officially presented (9 photos + 2 videos)

The world's first executive electric carThe Mercedes-Benz EQS has been officially introduced by Mercedes-Benz. The dimensions of the electric sedan are the same as those of the Mercedes S-Class. The body design of the Mercedes-Benz EQS has taken on the features of the car of the future. The electric car receives a drag coefficient of 0.20, which is unique for the production car industry, while maintaining its usual dimensions (length - 5265 mm, width - 1926 mm and height - 1512Continue Reading


Russia will leave the ISS in 2025 and create a national space station

During a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation on Daycosmonautics On April 12, several decisions were made that determine the further directions of development of Russian cosmonautics. Information about the future plans of Roscosmos was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, who announced that Russia would abandon the use of the ISS from 2025 and begin to create its own space orbital station. The head of Roscosmos also said that forContinue Reading