Apple AirTag trackers track hosts and can help criminals

Less than a month ago, Apple introducedbranded AirTag trackers that help users find things using the Find My network. Since then, the device has undergone numerous tests and trials: it was beaten with a hammer, immersed in water and sent in letters. Also for AirTag they came up with various unconventional ways of using. Security specialist укаukasz Krol has announced a new threatContinue Reading


Voyager 1 captures the rumble of plasma in space

Almost 44 years ago, in September 1977, NASAsent on a journey the space probe Voyager 1, which today, having completed the main task of studying Jupiter and Saturn, continues to supply scientific information, being already outside the solar system. New scientific data coming from an ancient spacecraft (by the standards of the earth's space age) allowed astronomers to study interstellar space andContinue Reading


China adopts standard for fast battery change in electric vehicles (video)

Chinese regulator approved the firststate standard governing the process of quick replacement of batteries in electric cars. To date, replacing batteries, according to manufacturers of electric cars, is unprofitable. Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities believe that in this way, in the future, it will be possible to reduce the cost of operating electric vehicles, which will ensure an accelerated introduction of environmentally friendly cars. Commenting on the new standards, a spokesman for the Ministry of IndustryContinue Reading


Компактный домашний робот EBO проследит за ребенком и развлечет скучающего кота (видео)

New - the EBO home robot presented byby Enabot, will provide users with the ability to remotely monitor children and will periodically train an overly sleepy cat. The EBO robot is equipped with a standard web camera, is able to move around the apartment, and is controlled remotely using a smartphone. The project is presented on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and three weeks before the end of the fundraising period alreadyContinue Reading


EvaChill portable air conditioner weighing less than 1 kg will refresh the room in 10 minutes (video)

In anticipation of the summer heat, manufacturersHVAC technology represent new developments that allow not only to create a comfortable atmosphere in the room, but also to significantly reduce energy consumption when using new types of compact air conditioners. EvaChill engineers have presented a miniature air conditioner under the EV-500 brand that can be placed on a bedside table, work table or windowsill. With small dimensions and low weight,Continue Reading


Budget watch Casio G-Shock GBA900 with elements of a fitness tracker (4 photos)

The famous series of multifunctional wristThe G-Shock watch from Casio has received another model, made in the traditional brutal style of this brand, with many modern functions of smartwatches and fitness trackers. The model under the G-Shock GBA900 brand has a traditional case appearance with an easily recognizable design inherent in a brand with almost forty years of history. However, the functions of this fairly inexpensive model are significantlyContinue Reading


In 2030, Russia will launch its own affordable satellite Internet

The next decade, Russia will work oncreation of its own system that will provide citizens with unlimited access to cheap satellite Internet throughout the country and will eliminate the digital divide. The new plans were developed by the government and became known from the document "National Innovation System". Russian satellite Internet will become part of the "Strategy for the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation until 2030". The main goal of the project isContinue Reading


Presented smartphone Realme Narzo 30 on the game processor MediaTek Helio G95 and at a price of 192 dollars (3 photos + video)

According to previously announced plans, Realmeintroduces the Narzo 30 to the market, which complements the already announced Narzo 30A and Narzo 30 Pro models. The new smartphone gets a 6.5-inch IPS screen with Full HD + resolution (2400 x 1080), which occupies 90.5% of the front surface of the device. Screen refresh rate - 90Hz. For front camera (Sony IMX471 sensor withContinue Reading


Samsung develops 1TB DDR5 RAM

Samsung has announced the development of a newDDR5 memory standard that supports CXL interface and has a capacity of up to 1 TB. At the first stage, the new memory modules will be used in data centers focused on performing tasks related to high-speed operations (HPC) and calculations based on artificial intelligence. In an official press release from Samsung, it is reported that a memory module that supportsContinue Reading


Announcement. Sony Xperia Ace II - unconvincing waterproof Japanese

Sony has officially announced on itshome in Japan, the Sony Xperia Ace II smartphone. Lightweight, compact and relatively inexpensive. But weak and not particularly interesting. As is customary for them, the Sony Xperia Ace II has full protection against water and dust according to the IP68 class. It is not forbidden to wash off the dust from the smartphone. ChipsetContinue Reading