Rumors: Samsung Galaxy A20s, A31, A41 and A11 - each other's cooler

Samsung is diligently building up the youngest ofGalaxy smartphone families - Galaxy A. On the horizon loomed the heir to the Samsung Galaxy A20s - Galaxy A21s. A device chip, in theory, belonging to the category where the absence of chips can be considered a virtue, since it is one of the factors that provide a relatively budget price tag, a macro camera will become. Unpretentious, 2 megapixel, but nonetheless ... AlsoContinue Reading

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Remedies for obesity can stop the spread of cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death inworld after cardiovascular disease. Sometimes doctors manage to remove the primary tumors and people have the hope of a full recovery. However, if the tumor has so-called metastases and it begins to spread, the chances of a complete cure are greatly reduced. However, scientists from Belgium have been trying to find for more than a yearContinue Reading

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100 seconds to the end of the world: scientists translated the hands of the Doomsday Clock

In 1947, the creators of the first atomic bombfounded the journal of the University of Chicago, Bulletin of the Scientists of Atomic Energy. From time to time, the Doomsday Clock metaphorical appears on the cover of the magazine, on which midnight marks the onset of a nuclear disaster. The decision to change the clock is made by the board of directors of the magazine, including 18 Nobel laureates. For 73 years, scientists have translated clock hands 24 times,Continue Reading

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Doomsday clock while frozen at 23:57

We are three minutes from midnight. Our civilization is about to end. At least that's what Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists thinks, a magazine you definitely haven't read. It is not like any other news publication. However, the Doomsday Clock is another. Every time the minute hand moves on this watch, the world takes a stepContinue Reading

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# video | You can print jewelry made from beautiful bacteria on a 3D printer

In one of our previous articles, wetalked about a project called Bacterial Art. Its authors create drawings from microbes and try to prove that the bacterial world is not so vile as it seems. Another proof of the beauty of microscopic creatures can be considered a scientific work conducted by scientists from the US state of Massachusetts. They developed a technology whereby printedContinue Reading

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Martian oceans could smell of hydrogen sulfide

Despite the fact that by now scientistsable to detect more than 4,000 exoplanets, the Earth is still the only known place where life exists in the Universe. Life on Earth is present in various forms: from the ubiquitous microorganisms to higher animals and people that can even influence the planet’s climate. Be that as it may, the solar system offersContinue Reading

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China has closed 13 cities due to coronavirus, and snakes are called the possible cause of the epidemic

For several days now, the whole world has been steadilywatching news about a new coronavirus from China. Just a few days ago, we released special material about the 2019-nCoV outbreak in Wuhan, but the situation is changing every day. New data on the number of infected not only in China, but also in other countries of the world come almost every hour. World OrganizationContinue Reading


The largest terrestrial radio telescope in the world launched in China (4 photos)

Chinese engineers and scientists have established anotheranother world record, the world's largest and most sensitive FAST radio telescope is officially open for space exploration. The spherical telescope with an aperture of five hundred meters received the informal name Tianyan, which means "Eye of the Sky." The new radio telescope is located in a natural depression in Guizhou Province. One of the main activitiesContinue Reading


Ancient, previously unknown viruses discovered in the Tibetan glacier

On the expanses of the Tibetan plateau groupinternational scientists identified a group of frozen viruses previously unknown to modern science. Given that the formation of the studied glacier continued over the past 15 thousand years, the viruses found belong to different historical periods and their properties and characteristics vary significantly. Scientists discovered 28 previously unknown and 5 viruses already described by science. Sample studyContinue Reading