Tattoo can tell about your health

Thousands of years ago, tattoos were used by emphasize their social status and protection from evil spirits. Now, each person puts his own meaning in the drawings on his body, reflecting through them his own worldview, his own character traits and his love for someone. It seems that in the near future tattoos will begin to provide others and even the owner even more information.Continue Reading


Created a tattoo that can recognize cancer

Tattoos can be treated differently. Someone considers them as one of the forms of modern art, and someone is a completely unacceptable attribute of self-expression. But scientists have long been testing temporary tattoos to identify blood sugar, alcohol, and even to control a smartphone. But doctors from Switzerland recently presented a tattoo that can detect cancer. According to scientists, published in the publicationContinue Reading


Ilon Musk: we can land a man on the moon in 2023

The head of SpaceX Ilon Musk is so dreaming of spacewhat is going to overtake NASA aerospace agency, and the first to return people to the surface of the moon. Musk believes that his company will be able to land the unmanned Starship spacecraft on the surface of the Earth satellite as early as 2021, and a year or two later - send a manned mission to the Moon with a crew.Continue Reading


The Internet of Things, they said. And made diapers ...

Technology every year more and more penetrate intoour daily life. The Internet of Things is evolving. Today, no one will be surprised by smart door locks, video cameras, air conditioners and lamps capable of collecting information about the state of the environment in the house or the presence of a stranger in the room and transmitting it to the mobile devices of the owner. Using the same smartphones with all theseContinue Reading


# video | The last seconds of the life of the Chinese space station that fell to Earth

At the moment in the orbit of our planetThe International Space Station is located. Groups of cosmonauts from different countries live inside it and conduct various studies: they study the effects of weightlessness on the human body, try to grow plants, and experiment on animals. To conduct the same research, China is developing its own station - it will consist of several parts, the firstContinue Reading


How does a cigarette thrown on the ground affect the environment?

According to the World Health Organization,The number of smokers in the world has already reached the billion mark, and many of them throw cigarette butts past the rubbish bin. However, many do not even realize that the mountains of cigarette butts are the very plastic garbage that literally destroys our planet. Researchers from the University of England Ruskin clearly showed how strong one is thrown onContinue Reading


Vivo S1 for Thailand: more memory and new colors

Smartphone Vivo S1 - the one that is not for the Chinesemarket - appeared on the Thai market. Both Indonesia and Thailand Unlike the Indonesian version, announced first, the description of the Thai did not hide the chipset model - this, as expected, is the new MediaTek Helio P65. Same as the Vivo Y7s. Indonesia In addition, Thailand got versionContinue Reading


Why animals behave strangely during eclipses

Many types of animals are accustomed to their, which is built in accordance with the cycle of day and night. This change of time of day indicates to them when they need to look for food, when they need to migrate, to multiply. Previously it was believed that the behavior of animals can be affected only by the length of the day. However, as it turned out, lunar activity also has a strongContinue Reading


# video | Inside the new sarcophagus of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant worth 1.5 billion euros

Above the building of the 4th power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant,suffered as a result of the largest catastrophe in the history of atomic energy, a new protective structure was built and put into operation. It was called the New Safe Confinement. The object covered an obsolete sarcophagus "Shelter", which was erected immediately after the disaster in 1986. It was assumed that the old sarcophagus will be able to serve from 20 to 40 years.Continue Reading