SpaceX relies on satellite Internet. In vain?

Internet access has spread so much inThe United States and Western Europe, which gave rise to the whole dependence of people on the Web. Yet for about half of the world's population, this level of connectivity is simply unattainable. Over the past three months, almost 4 billion people have not been online - and the UN has a very low threshold for representing someone as an Internet user - and that means theyContinue Reading


Sweet drinks and fruit juices increase the risk of premature death.

Most of you know that sweet drinks aren'tespecially good for health, but a new study suggests that fruit juices are not much better. Moreover, their regular use can shorten your life. “Older people who drink more sugary drinks, including fruit juices, and carbonated drinks and other sugar-sweetened drinks, may be at risk of earlyContinue Reading


Tipscope turns any smartphone into a microscope (4 photos + video)

The new microscope for smartphone Tipscope hasminiature size and works without battery. In this case, the device can increase the object under study by 1000 times. & The team of creators reported that Tipscope turns a smartphone into a microscope in a few seconds. The device is distinguished by a compact size and ease of use. The novelty can be used in pharmaceuticals, biology and the production of materials. The gadget is compatible withContinue Reading


Looking for an antidote to CRISPR: is it possible to reverse the changes in the genes?

When the scientists behind the Manhattan Project,learning about the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, enthusiastic enthusiasm was replaced by grim regret. What began as a revolution in the field of physics, mutated into weapons of mass destruction - from which it was impossible to defend. Biologically speaking, CRISPR has the destructive power of a similar magnitude. And scientists do not want history to repeat again.Continue Reading


10 expert predictions about technologies that are completely erroneous

The 20th century was a time of great technologicalachievements, discoveries and innovations. We have moved from horses and carts to motor vehicles and space travel, from boy messengers to the telephone and the Internet, from candles to nuclear energy. And yet, despite such rapid technological progress and changes, the fact that many experts initially could notContinue Reading


Australian scientists recreated a miniature copy of “Mona Lisa” on a quantum canvas

Scientists from the University of Queenslandreproduced "Mona Lisa", "Starry Night" by Van Gogh, as well as a dozen on a quantum canvas, no wider than a human hair. Images were projected and photographed on a drop of gaseous quantum matter known as Bose-Einstein condensate, according to a press release from the University of Queensland. According to Dr. Tyler Neely from the ARC Center for Advanced Technologies for engineering quantum systems fromContinue Reading


Motorola One Vision: cinema smartphone with 48-megapixel camera (15 photos)

Motorola has expanded its range of smartphonesunusual novelty. The company introduced the One Vision mid-level model, which applied a number of features characteristic of competitors' smartphones. For example, the novelty has a 6.3-inch Full-screen CinemaVision LCD screen (2520 x 1080 pixels) with a cinematic aspect ratio of 21: 9. The same displays are typical for Xperia 10 Plus and Xperia 10 fromContinue Reading


The commercial operation of a fully autonomous electric truck began in Sweden

Swedish company Einride introduced the firstthe prototype of the T-pod unmanned truck back in 2017 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​event only as a T-log truck. The public liked the novelty so much that in 2018 the transport company signed an agreement with the global logistics company DB Schenker to test its new T-pod truck on their site. And so, the testsContinue Reading


Flagship ASUS ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) for Super Self

ASUS introduced the flagship on the top chipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 855 - model ASUS ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL). The smartphone has a good chance to become a winner in the competition of devices of a unique appearance. It's not even that the design of the back panel may seem ugly - it may not seem like this is a matter of taste. You just can’t confuse him with anything.Continue Reading


NASA will create a lunar landing module of the mission "Artemis" together with SpaceX and Blue Origin

NASA Aerospace Agency selected 11companies that will work with him on the development and prototyping of manned landing modules for its lunar research program Artemis, which the agency reported on its official website. The program’s task, we recall, is the first landing of a woman on the moon in the history of cosmonautics, as well as the return of a man to the satellite to the Earth in 2024Continue Reading