Walking in the park makes people happy - Twitter proved

What makes people happy? Representatives of our species have been searching for this question since time immemorial. Recently, scientists from the University of Vermont found that after a walk in the park, a person becomes less irritable, but that's not all. According to the results of the study, a walk gives us a sense of euphoria, akin to the one that you can experience on Christmas morning. Who would have thought?Continue Reading


The foxes are not as red as we imagine them.

We live in an amazing time when scientistsable to photograph a black hole located at a distance of 500 quintillion kilometers from our planet. However, they cannot give exact answers to seemingly children's questions. For example, they argued about the reasons for the striped coloring of zebras for decades and still have not been able to give a definite answer. TheirContinue Reading


What happens when the world's population stops growing?

Recently, we wrote that the Earth’s populationgetting old. Everything would be fine, but this is the first time in human history. Compared to 1960, the birth rate has declined significantly. Today there are more people over 65 on the planet than children under five. The decline in fertility is especially noticeable in European countries. If this goes on, in the futureContinue Reading


In the oceans of the satellite of Jupiter will seek life

Everyone around is talking about finding life onMoon of Saturn Titan. We also wrote about this recently. Against the backdrop of news about Titan, it seemed that everyone else had forgotten about the satellites of the other gas giant. Fortunately, this is not so. NASA announced the launch of a new mission to the satellite of Jupiter Europe in 2025. According to the agency, scientistsContinue Reading


Submarine for Titan tested in artificial methane sea

NASA engineers and university specialistsWashington is working together to create a submarine that can help scientists explore the seas of Titan, the moon of Saturn. A few years ago, this “alien submarine” was only a concept, but now developers are already testing its early prototype and even creating an artificial sea of ​​methane and ethane for these purposes. There are many rivers and lakes on TitanContinue Reading


Will a person live 150 years?

72 years old. That is how much the average life expectancy in Russia is. Well, this is not the worst indicator compared to the Central African Republic, where the population is able to live only to 45 years. However, if you do not take into account the low life expectancy in poor African countries, the question arises: can a person born in more or less comfortable conditions, leading a healthyContinue Reading


The final version of the flying taxi VoloCity presented

Remember the movie "The Fifth Element", where Bruce Willisplays the role of a flying taxi driver? Surely many who watched this comedy action movie dreamed that cars soaring above the ground really existed. Well, the scenes that were shown in the film are slowly entering our daily lives. At least, the active development of flying taxis takes place in the USA and Germany.Continue Reading


New Zealand tests flying taxi

New Zealand startup Kitty Hawk, followed byGoogle’s co-founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page is standing, has begun testing its autonomous flying taxi, Cora, according to local New Zealand newspaper New Zealand Herald. A vehicle can rise and land vertically, like a helicopter, and fly like a plane. The development of the project lasted for eight years. It is planned to launch the device on the market inContinue Reading


Electric Porsche Taycan was able to overcome 3425 km in 24 hours (3 photos)

Taycan overcomes prototype electric car3425 km in 24 hours. Such impressive endurance test results were published by Porsche. The tests were carried out in confirmation of the German automaker's statement that the Taycan is capable of stably showing higher power output over a long period of time compared to other competing high-performance electric vehicles such as Tesla electric vehicles.Continue Reading