Announcement. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 - rugged rugged tablet

And here it is, a rugged Samsung Galaxy TabActive3. Samsung are true to themselves, updating the line every three years. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 appeared in 2017, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active in 2014, Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 in 2023. The newcomer Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3]], in its essence, is an extensive development of the Active2 model. More powerfulContinue Reading

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The dirtiest cities in Russia according to environmentalists

Today, those who want to breathe fresh air every dayit is better to live far from cities. And all because because of the abundance of factories and cars, the air in cities cannot be called clean. It is saturated with poisonous gases and microparticles of harmful substances that easily penetrate into the human bloodstream and provoke the development of dangerous diseases. Almost every year, scientists from around the world make upContinue Reading

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Why are children so interested in dinosaurs?

As a child, many of us were interested indinosaurs. Surely you or your friends could name several dozen prehistoric creatures and tell where they lived and what they ate. It was cool, because the adults did not know all this and we felt smarter than them. Since the fascination with dinosaurs is very common, scientists have been studying this phenomenon for a long time. OnContinue Reading


Amazon has developed a drone for aerial patrol and property protection (video)

The development of information technology allowsto secure a modern home using numerous video cameras that transmit information to users' mobile gadgets. However, it is not always convenient and not always cheap to install a huge number of tracking cameras in the house. The new Always Home Cam from Ring, an Amazon company, will help solve this problem. A flying video camera created by the company will be able to patrol the premises inContinue Reading


Selected the best photos of the year taken from drones (8 photos)

Aerial photography reaches new heights in the competitionDrone Awards 2020, for the third year running as part of the larger Siena International Photo Awards project. This year's Drone Photo Awards winners are presenting original aerial photographs taken using unmanned aerial vehicles. In 2020, nine categories were presented in the competition, in which, along with the standard themes of nature,Continue Reading


Alice Camera turns any smartphone into a camera (2 photos + video)

Digital photographs taken usingsmartphones are becoming more and more qualitative. Nevertheless, SLR digital cameras are still significantly ahead of smartphones, due to the lack of increased requirements for the geometric parameters of optical sensors and matrix. UK startup Alice Camera offers the Alice Camera device that integrates the capabilities of smartphones and full-size cameras. Alice Camera Intelligent Digital Camera WorksContinue Reading


Lego Mario figure turned into a Super Mario controller (2 videos)

The latest Lego Super Mario sets releasedfor the 35th anniversary of the hero, celebrated in early September this year, the Mario figure was interactive, equipped with additional sensors that support wireless connection. This feature allowed the enthusiast, after changing certain settings, to turn the Mario figurine into a controller that controls the Super Mario virtual hero on the screen. Wrote some code to use the #legosupermario toContinue Reading


Microsoft recorded 75.6 TB on glass media

The rapid development of modern science andtechnology leads to an increase in digital information and an increase in the number of media required to store it. While maintaining the rate of data accumulation and technologies for storing digital information, by 2245 the mass of carriers can be half the mass of the Earth. This situation forces scientists to look for new alternative methods of storing information. One of these techniques canContinue Reading