Presented the gameplay of the reissued game Command & Conquer Remaster (video)

Computer battle veterans clearly rememberC&C: Tiberian Dawn, released over 20 years ago. About a year ago, Electronic Arts decided to reissue the game and release an updated version of C&C: Tiberian Dawn, and also promised in the near future to release a remake of the original version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Now the developers are ready to share the first teasers demonstrating the gameplay and talked about the features of the updated games of the C&C series.

Developers report that in order to preserveThe spirit of the original version of the game will be re-released in the classic 2D style, without using modern 3D capabilities. In addition, using the original C&C: Tiberian Dawn and C&C: Red Alert code, the gameplay is also saved.

In the process of working on a reprint, the developersanew from scratch implement, simulate and animate every element of the gameplay. On the first teasers, their work can be seen on the example of a construction site and Tesla tank. Next, the objects are exported in a 2D style so that the game matches the original. For example, when working with the grenadier, more than 600 frames are used for one object.

During the game, developers introduced the opportunitySwitch between classic and new reissued graphics. With one click, the player will be able to switch from the original resolution (320 to 200) to the new resolution (up to 3840 by 2160). The developers presented two teasers, on which you can now compare both modes. The camera zoom function will also become available to familiarize with the details of objects at high resolution in the updated schedule.