Zuckerberg proposed rules for regulating the Internet (2 photos)

Leading the world's largest social networkFacebook Mark Zuckerberg believes that states should still be directly involved in controlling the global Internet. The businessman identified four areas where regulatory intervention is required.

Zuckerberg believes that officials should payattention to confidentiality, the process of transferring data between services, the use of the Internet in electoral technologies, and control over illegal content degrading users.

According to the businessman, government agenciesshould develop uniform standards for information that incites hatred and contains insults. Clear parameters should be developed to give companies the right to unequivocally delete such content.

Regarding the use of the Internet in electionsZuckerberg said that the basis can be taken the new rules of Facebook, increasing the transparency of political advertising. Financial regulators should review election control standards by focusing not on candidates, but on organizations.

When discussing privacyZuckerberg noted that the EU data protection regulation (GDPR) can be an example for all countries. The user must decide the fate of his personal data, protected by law from unauthorized use of the Internet company.

In the matter of transferring user data between Internet companies, according to Zuckerberg, unified regulatory rules should also be developed.