PicoBrew coffee machine that brews you beer (4 photos)

PicoBrew delighted food loverstreat yourself to drinks prepared independently in special modern devices, and presented the universal Pico MultiBrew device. It was conceived as a coffee machine, but at the same time, functions have been added to the menu of this machine that allow you to make tea, kombucha, cold pants and, finally, brew beer.

For the preparation of all drinks, special PicoPaks capsules made of environmentally friendly materials are used. They are filled with a special composition, which is agreed with the partners for the supply of raw materials.

The mobile application will clearly orientuser to all stages of preparation of each drink with a list of components used. And if lovers of delicacies want to experiment and achieve an unusual taste from the drink, they can do it: the developers of MultiBrew introduced the possibility of adding additional ingredients to the program during the preparation of the product.

A smartphone and a mobile application will help set up the process for preparing the desired volume of the drink: one cup or carafe per company.

Now the manufacturer has organized feedback withpotential buyers in order to collect feedback with suggestions and suggestions and modify the device based on them. To do this, open the page on the official website.

Access to the crowdfunding platform is planned before the end of this year.