By purchasing a used Tesla electric car, you can find out the data of its former owners (3 photos)

Tesla electric cars are equipped with manyvarious sensors. They collect all kinds of personal information about the owners of the car. So, in the embedded system there may be information about his trips, calls, meetings, saved in the calendar, and so on and so forth.

Recently, researchers in the field of computerSecurity found a lot of confidential data in the used used Model X, Model S and Model 3. Most often, personal information remains in the system due to negligence or carelessness of previous owners. However, the manufacturer is to blame.

The fact that personal data is not protected is already knownto many. And all thanks to the white hackers, pulling from the hands of the Tesla Model 3 machine acquired from the data about its previous owner. What remained in the system indicated that the machine was owned by a construction company. And also on the fact that it was used by various employees.

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The fact is that the car system wassynchronized with at least 17 different gadgets that sent the machine 11 lists of phone numbers, calendar entries, email addresses. There were 73 routes that were laid by the navigation system. Computer security expert Ashkan Soltani noted that, given the technical complexity of Tesla machines, we can only wonder at such negligence in handling user personal information.

Of course, by selling a car, you can reset the software tofactory settings and thus remove personal data. However, the owners usually or too frivolous, or simply can not do this if the display in the car does not work due to an accident. Computer security experts believe that Tesla is simply obliged to take care of the security of users' private information themselves, without shifting this responsibility.

Owners are still getting used to the fact thatin cars accumulates no less data than in smartphones. When selling your mobile phone, we will definitely remove all personal data from it. It's time to do the same with cars.