Electric Skateboard SUV Cycleagle (2 photos + video)

The main function of skateboards ishigh-speed movement on asphalt streets of cities or on special sites with a prepared surface. However, the Cycleaegle device reveals a new direction for fans of high-speed movement - off-road traveling on an electric all-wheel drive board.

Cycleaegle Skateboard Drivefour brushless electric motors with a power of 0.8 / 1.0 kW - one for each wheel, equipped with a patented independent suspension system. Suspension springs are adjustable, and their tension is adjusted to the mass of the user, which provides the most effective shock absorption. The movement is provided by five-inch pneumatic tires.

Autonomous operation is provided by a removable type SAMSUNG lithium battery, which ensures operation for one hour in various terrain or 22 km of run without recharging.

Maneuvering and Emergency Managementbraking is carried out using a remote wireless remote control. There is a reverse gear. The Cycleaegle skateboard can reach a top speed of 43 km / h. High cross-country ability is achieved by the presence of a clearance of 155 mm, which exceeds this characteristic of similar models of off-road skateboards.

Skateboard frame made of high strength,but light aviation aluminum, and the coating of their dense wear-resistant, but light carbon fiber. The length of the device is 118 cm, and the mass for the four-wheel drive model (4WD) is 19.5 kg and for the 2W modification it is 17.5 kg. The Cycleaegle 4WD model will cost today with a pre-order for Indiegogo for only $ 1980, while for retail sales this price will reach $ 3699. The 2W modification costs $ 1,480 and $ 2,699, respectively.