Why earth geoengineering could trigger the start of the Third World War?

Looking at the latest reports and forecasts, it is difficultbelieve that the developed countries are somehow trying to solve the problem of a rapidly changing global climate on the planet, for example, by reducing the use of fossil fuels. In any case, by not giving up gasoline and coal alone, the problem cannot be solved; therefore, some scientists propose more radical ways to prevent the inevitable impending threat that could have disastrous consequences on humanity by the middle of this century.

Why do you need geo-engineering?

One of these methods is proposed geoengineering- intentionally changing the Earth’s environment by isolating carbon emissions into the atmosphere or reducing the amount of sunlight coming to the surface of the planet using special aerosols that must be sprayed into the atmosphere. However, in spite of the fact that these ideas can carry really good intentions, the report of Business Insider, which took comments from some experts, says that the use of such methods by any country in the world without the approval of other nations can provoke a new world war.

“Unlike carbon dioxide insulationinto the atmosphere, the same solar geoengineering can have quite real geopolitical consequences. The question of the possibility of a world war in this case will be more acute than ever for the modern world, ”said geoengineering specialist Juan Moreno-Cruz of the Canadian University of Waterloo.

The scientist explains this by saying that even if she oranother country will want to use geoengineering solutions locally, the consequences of these actions may spread and affect the territory of other states. In addition, the consequences of such methods can be unpredictable, potentially aggravating the environmental situation not only in the local area of ​​application of the geo-engineering approach, but throughout the world.

“The atmosphere has no walls. Using these methods may not have the desired effect on your country, but at the same time there will be a high probability of spreading negative effects to other states, ”adds scientist Andrea Flossmann from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

In any case, the debate among scholars onis geoengineering the only effective way to cope with the climate crisis? But if this is really the only way to solve the problem of global warming, then it should be adopted internationally so that the possible consequences do not lead to a global war.

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