In Domodedovo, biometric identification of passengers is being tested (3 photos)

Enhance flight safety and ensurepassenger comfort can be ensured by a biometric face registration system implemented by S7 Airlines (a brand of Siberia Airlines) at Russian airports.

Currently, innovation is underwaytesting at the base airport of Domodedovo and allows you to go to the business lounge of the departure area for domestic flights. Similar biometric passenger identification systems are already at different stages of implementation at airports in Washington, Sydney and Los Angeles. S7 Airlines software works on the basis of trained neural networks and is intended not only for unique identification of a person by face, but also for personalization of various services.

Currently without a boardingcoupon passengers can only go to the business hall Domodedovo. However, after the full implementation of the technology, the passenger will be able to go all the way from the entrance to the airport to his seat on the plane, never having reached and without presenting the boarding documents.

The developers emphasize that the database forCustomer identification is formed entirely on a voluntary basis, only with the voluntary wish of the passenger. You can register in the database near the check-in counters of S7 Airlines 104, 105 or 106, where a passenger will be photographed, and he prepares documents on the voluntary consent to transfer biometric data.

S7 technology is based on the developments of the RussianVisionLabs of the Luna platform system, which instantly analyzes streaming video and photos, allowing you to identify individuals using an existing database.