Soviet ekranoplan "Lun" recreated in the model by an American youtuber (2 photos + video)

Developers from the military-industrial complexThe USSR implemented the most original, mythical ideas, realizing formidable weapons systems in metal, which inspired fear throughout the world. One of such developments was projects related to the creation of ekranoplanes - vehicles capable of using a dynamic air cushion to move above the surface of the water at a height of up to ten meters. Ideally, such devices could walk both on water and on land.

The latest development of the USSR in the fieldekranoplanes, became the project 903 attack ship-rocket carrier "Lun" (Caspian monster), designed to launch a missile strike on surface targets. The main objective of the ships of the Lun project was the destruction of enemy aircraft carriers, using stealth for radars and the ability to approach the target unnoticed by missile defense of a group of ships. The development of the project involved in the Central Design Bureau. R. E. Alekseeva, and built at the Volga pilot plant, at the Central Design Bureau in the city of Gorky.

In total, one sample was released, which after testing hit the troops in 1991. However, further events in the USSR led to the closure of the project.

Nevertheless, the interest in ekranoplanes is notdisappeared, work is currently underway on the Orlan project, a prototype of which will be tested by the Russian Navy in 2027. The grandiose projects of Soviet engineers excited enthusiasts around the world as well.

Youtuber from the USA, the countries with the largestaircraft carriers, for the destruction of which the Lun was created, created the current model of the Caspian Monster and posted on its channel a short video with the flight of an ekranoplan.

The model is made of polystyrene, and the electric motorsets ekranoplan in motion. The main problem for the creator of the model was the pacification of the ship, all the while trying to turn into a plane and fly above the surface of the water.