Fuseproject will build a residential quarter in just a day (9 photos + video)

The company from California Fuseproject is going forday to build a residential area, using the method of 3D printing. New concrete houses are designed for 50 people from the settlement of weavers and farmers living in Latin America. The specific geography of the project will be announced when the construction is fully completed.

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As pointed out by the organizers of the construction, they are manycommunicated with the target audience, got acquainted with their culture and found out which houses would be better for them, given the climate. Each member of the community could choose a dwelling with 2 or 3 bedrooms. Take into account the opinion of local residents, and choosing paint for houses.

The project will help people with an income of less than 200dollars per month, get a relatively comfortable housing and protection from the blows of the elements. In addition to Fuseproject, the construction firm ICON and the non-profit organization New Story will participate in it. The main goal of the enterprise is to change the concept of construction. After all, traditional approaches will never provide everyone in need with their home.

By the way, recently released a new version of the three-dimensional printer Vulcan from ICON. It is much bigger and faster than before. Now the walls of houses are printed twice as fast.