How to create a self-driving car after hacking an iPhone

We all know some fancy guys aboutwhom we, in a good way, say that "they are not of this world." It is these guys who do what we have not even dreamed of. They sit down at the computer, quickly go through the keys on the keyboard for several minutes and give birth to a masterpiece. If they are given more time, they will write a cool program or hack the Pentagon server. One of these guys, which we’ll talk about today, managed to crack the iPhone first when they still knew nothing about it, then conquer the impregnable PlayStation, and now created a self-driving car in his garage. Tesla, Google, Apple, move ...

George Hotz can make a real breakthrough in autopilots.


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  • 3 How to Hack an iPhone
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  • 5 Car with autopilot in the garage
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George Hotz

The person who will be discussed today is calledGeorge Francis Hotz Jr. Now he is only 30 years old. It is interesting that in different sources the date of his birth varies. Somewhere it is written that he was born on October 2, and somewhere it is said about October 9, 1989. Among the knowledgeable people, he is better known by the nicknames geohot, million 75 or mil.

George was born in the small town of Glen Rock infamily of Mary Minichello and George Hotz. The population of the city at the moment is just over 11,000 people. Either about the level of the city, or about the level of George says that when listing 5-7 famous local residents in different sources, he always falls into this list.

This did not stop him from doing what he was doing.his vocation, namely, to become a hacker. Now he is engaged in the development of a self-driving car and attracts millions of dollars of investments for his development, but it all started as usual with a small one.

Where to start a young genius?

From a very young age, George Hotz participated in more than one competition in the United States, in which schoolchildren and students proposed their inventions. Mostly Hotz proposed projects related to robotics.

One of his first participation in such competitionswas in 2004, and it happened at ISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair). On the first attempt, he became one of the finalists, which caused close attention to his talent from the media and even Larry King himself.

The young genius often gave interviews.

His love for robots, to which we will return a littlelater, started back in school. He was part of the Titanium Knights team. This team was engaged in the creation of combat bots and participated in various thematic competitions.

In addition, as a hobby, a young geniuswas engaged in a project called “Neuropilot”. As part of it, George developed a device that allows you to read the EEG waves of the human brain. With this project in 2007, he was able to gain public recognition within the framework of the same ISEF, taking part in it for the third time.

Hotz loves to work in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to hack iPhone

The first smartphone from Apple, which was destinedthe role of the generator of the main profit of the company for many years to come, came out in 2007. George Hotz really wanted to use it, but he was a subscriber of the T-Mobile operator, while the novelty was programmed exclusively for AT&T. More than sure that any of us would simply change the number or wait until the smartphone learns to work with any SIM cards, but for a young genius it was too easy.

Instead, he disassembled the iPhone, soldered toto the data processor wire to provide voltage and scrambled its code. After that, he wrote a program that allowed the smartphone to work in the network of any operator.

It reads on Hotz’s face: “Could make the defense more complicated.”

A little later, Hotz even made money on his creation. He accepted the offer of Certicell CEO and exchanged a hacked smartphone for the Nissan 350Z and three new iPhones. He kept the car for himself, and handed out smartphones to those who helped him in hacking.

He worked, as a rule, not alone, but his partnersthe jailbreak projects were not public figures and preferred to simply enjoy their work. Hotz himself also did this until iOS4, without requiring money. That is, he did not sell his achievements and even in his blog called the scum of those who do such things for money, considering it unworthy of the “Right Hacker”.

Do you think this car will compete with Tesla?

After the release of iOS4, Hotz said that the public is tootaking jailbreaking seriously and he doesn't like it. In the end, he promised to release the latest “hack” for iOS and end it. Many thought that he was just taking time, but he fulfilled his promise.

How to reflash PlayStation 3

At the end of 2009, Hotz posted on his blogRecord ”A Real Challenge”. So he marked the beginning of work on hacking the protection of the Sony PlayStation 3. At that time, it was this console that was considered the standard of resistance to hacking. At the same time, George did not want to use adapters and other hacking hardware, as was the case with the previous generation of the console. He preferred to hack the console completely in software.

Despite the loud motto under whichGeorge worked in just five weeks. At the same time, he published all the steps and stages of work on his blog, which attracted a lot of interest to his, to put it mildly, illegal occupation.

PlayStation 3 was once considered the most secure system.

January 26, 2010, he announced the completionworks. In short, the hack consisted of gaining access to the hypervisor after starting Linux in the "OtherOS" mode. Very soon, Sony released a new firmware, which closed access to "OtherOS". Hotz did not stop there and it was really a real challenge.

As a result, the console was still hacked, but the meanshacking is not properly distributed. However, this really angered Sony, which called hacking the console a direct violation of the user agreement and a violation of copyright law in the digital age. Hotz and those who participated in this project with him were summoned to court.

George did not plan to give up and hired twolawyers, and I collected money to pay for their services online. The required amount was collected in just 18 hours. As a defense, the lawyers referred to the law passed shortly before that the user has the right to dispose of devices that he has bought legally. Sony did not agree with this, but the proceedings came to naught. In the end, everyone was satisfied.

Car with autopilot in the garage

At the beginning of the article I talked about Hotz's great love forrobotics. Currently, it is fully disclosed. This is expressed in creating your own self-driving car. Of course, George would not be himself if he could do without hacking systems in this matter. But first things first.

His car drives without a driver. This is really cool!

When creating his car, he is convinced thatthe autopilot should drive as smoothly as possible, as if “not sitting by the wheel” is a soulless robot, but the best limousine driver in the world. He pays much attention to such trifles. His system even provides for a shift to the left of the row if a cyclist rides along the side of the road or bike path. Commendable!

Given his past merits, get fromseveral million investors in research and development was not a big problem. But these investors were outsiders. The automakers did not want to mess with the upstart, as they would have to give him access to their developments, and they value them too much. One of the largest investors is Andreessen Horowitz, which has allocated over three million dollars for development.

Come to our Telegram chat! There are a lot of interesting things

Startup Hotz was called “Comma”. The money that he received as an investment is spent not only on development, but also on the creation of ready-made kits for the conversion of cars. These kits can turn a regular car into a self-driving one, even if from the factory such an opportunity was not provided for in it.

Now the work has advanced very far and inIn the coming months, equipment may go on sale. First of all, it will be sold for Honda and Acura cars. Later there will be support for other cars.

That same comma (Comma) on the chest of Hotz.

Since car manufacturers are not ready to cooperatewith Hotz, he has to crack their airborne systems. This is where his programming and jailbreak skills came in handy. The Acura system was hacked first. Therefore, Hotz announces the start of sales of finished systems specifically for the above vehicles, which are two sides of the same brand.

The creators of self-driving cars

Many people think that self-driving carscan only come from the bowels of major corporations, such as Google, GM, Tesla, Apple, UBER and others. It turns out that even a young upstart with an incomprehensible startup in his garage can do this. By the way, Hotz even challenged Ilon Mask, urging him to compare their autopilots, but the head of Tesla did not respond to this call. Afraid or too many challenge him?

I think that we may be able to create better cars with automatic control, though, Musk will make better rockets. - says Hotz.

George Hotz's car is already driving on roadscommon use. He even rode some journalists on it. At the same time, he created it, in fact, alone, but now, to continue the work, he wants to hire another 20 "copies of himself."

As usual, not without a little scandal. As soon as a video was posted showing his autopilot working on public roads, it sparked a wave of criticism from the California Department of Transportation. Hotz was even sent a letter to terminate such experiments on public roads. The fact is that traffic rules for cars with automatic control are still being developed, and the legality of such tests in public places remains an open question.

Hotz countered by the fact that his car is notcompletely autonomous, and the applied technologies are more likely a kind of cruise control. Moreover, the letter sent to him cannot serve as a direct prohibition, but simply is an appeal and legal opinion of one of the parties.

George Hotz enthusiastically talks about his project.

Unmanned vehicle cost

As we all understand, the cost of cars,which in the database will have the autopilot function, will be very high. In turn, due to the fact that the methods of program control are already well developed, and the components necessary for creating unmanned vehicles have fallen significantly in price, Hotz suggests that he will be able to sell ready-made kits for less than $ 1,000.

By the way, the above example with a cycliston the side of the road or bike path is very interesting. Hotz said that such a decision was not spelled out in the autopilot code. Artificial intelligence itself learned this. Perhaps he is just getting his price, but if not, it's really cool.

You might think that George Hotz does not like hiscompetitors, but in fact it is not. He respects companies that deal with similar developments. He even says that he wants to buy a Tesla Model 3, which he considers a very successful model. Perhaps this is just a tribute to the fact that all Silicon Valley startups should definitely have Tesla in their garage.

In any case, this does not beg GeorgeHotz, who manages to distinguish himself in any business he undertakes. At the same time, he continues to create the impression of a true romantic in his work. It can not but appeal to itself. Time will tell what he can achieve, but so far everything looks so that it will be difficult to stop him.