Why are overweight people prone to asthma and other lung diseases?

Overweight people suffer not only fromcardiovascular disease, but also from breathing problems. Scientists have long known that dyspnea occurs very quickly in overweight people with physical exertion and they are more prone to bronchial asthma than others. In addition, even in a calm state, overweight people breathe hoarsely and snore in their sleep. Recently, Australian scientists, along with colleagues from New Zealand and Canada, decided to find out the causes of breathing problems. To do this, they studied samples of the lung tissue of dead people.

Being overweight is the cause of many health problems.

Lung samples were taken from a biological bankAirway Tissue. At the disposal of scientists were respiratory organs of 52 people. In 16 of them, asthma was diagnosed during life, which caused death. Lung samples of 21 people were also affected by the disease, but these people died for other reasons. The remaining 15 people had no problems with asthma - their samples were used as a control group to compare them with the affected lungs.

The source of excess fat is often fast food.

Harmful of excess fat for the respiratory system

The lungs were carefully examined under a microscope,and for clarity, dyes were introduced into the airways. The study showed that almost every person has fatty tissue in the lungs. By comparing their number with the body weight of deceased lung owners, the researchers found that fat people with asthma have much more fat tissue than others. It is likely that these tissues are the cause of health problems - more about the findings of scientists can be found in the article published on Eurekalert.

Based on this, scientists have suggested thatthe likelihood of asthma depends on the presence of excess weight in humans. The fact is that the fat accumulated in the lungs can compress them and interfere with proper functioning. In addition, fat can cause various inflammations, which can lead to bronchial asthma and even cancer.

We found that excess fat tends to accumulate in the walls of the airways and occupy space, increasing inflammation in the lungs, ”said Peter Noble, one of the authors of the study.

In the near future, scientists intend to continuestudy of the relationship of excess weight with the occurrence of diseases of the human respiratory system. At the moment, they are particularly interested in whether losing weight can improve the health status of people with asthma. According to the World Health Organization, at the moment, more than 235 million people suffer from this ailment, and a new approach to its treatment today would have come in handy.

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Finally, I want to mention that obesity canlead to accelerated brain aging. In particular, we are talking about thinning of the cerebral cortex, which can provoke the development of Alzheimer's disease. Recall that this ailment is accompanied by a decrease in human mental abilities and mainly affects the elderly part of the world’s population.