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Oceans very quickly lose oxygen. How is this dangerous?

The oceans are an extremely important element,supporting life on our planet. And changes in the “aquatic environment” will necessarily come back not only to the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, but also to those who live on land. According to the editors of New Science magazine, citing data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the entire oceans lost about 2 percentContinue Reading

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Can the whole world live in one mega-city?

Imagine what humanity suddenly decidedset aside all interethnic and interreligious conflicts, settling in only one city. Given the fact that today the number of mankind is 7.5 billion people, placing everyone in one place would be a rather difficult task. How many places would such a multinational city occupy and whether such an ambitious idea is possibleContinue Reading

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Evidence found that man domesticated himself

Pets are known to look moreattractive than wild. But can you say the same thing about people? Researchers believe that the answer to this question lies in the mutation of certain genes. The results of a recent study showed that the attractiveness of domestic animals and human faces, as we know them, became such as a result of a genetic mutation. Some scholars suggestContinue Reading

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Parker solar probe breaks several records

Space probe "Parker" aerospaceNASA is in space for only about two and a half months, but is already breaking records. The device approached a distance of 42.73 million kilometers to the surface of the Sun, becoming the probe closest to our luminary in history. Previously, this record belonged to the German-American probe Helios 2, which set it in April 1976. BesidesContinue Reading

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New technology allows you to control brain waves

Diagnostic electrical vibrations of the headbrain are called rhythms. Recently, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology managed to teach subjects to manipulate their own alpha waves, thereby increasing attention when performing a specific task. Alpha waves describe the electrical activity of the brain at a frequency of 8-12 Hz. The results of a study published in the journal Neuron in the future will be able to give an opportunity to people who have learning problemsContinue Reading


The best tablets of 2019 - TOP-best from TehnObzor

SocialMart Widget Want to watch TV shows inbed or browse the web? In this rating, we have collected the best tablets of 2019, which you can buy right now. With reviews of many tablet models, TehnObzor has all the power to make decisions you can trust. Which tablet is best to buy in 2019? We tested many devices in the outgoingContinue Reading

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Scientists are ready to find traces of life on Proxima-b and in the Trappist system

When in 2016, scientists discovered a system of threeplanets in the constellation of Aquarius, a real sensation occurred in the scientific world, because all open objects in their dimensions were very similar to Earth. A year later, 4 more exoplanets were found in the system, which turned the Trappist-1 system into one of the most potentially inhabited places located in the immediate vicinity of ourContinue Reading