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SpaceX will launch Danuri, South Korea's first interplanetary station. What is it for?

US, Russia and China regularly launch into spaceresearch devices - we have long been accustomed to this. On the night of August 5, South Korea will begin one of its first missions of this kind - a powerful SpaceX launch vehicle will send the Danuri interplanetary station towards the moon. For several months, a huge apparatus will be in a leisurely flight, and then it will begin to circle the orbit of an earthly satellite. This mission became possible thanks to cooperation with the NASA agency - one of the most important scientific instruments of the station was created by American researchers. The beginning of the mission will be broadcast live. Let's see what the apparatus consists of, what tasks it will perform and where to watch the live broadcast of the launch of the Danuri station.

SpaceX prepares to launch South Korea's first interplanetary station


  • 1 The structure of the lunar station "Danuri"
  • 2 Preparations for the launch of the Danuri space station
  • 3 Live broadcast of the Danuri launch
  • 4 What is the Danuri lunar station for?

The structure of the lunar station "Danuri"

The Korean interplanetary station Danuri is also known as the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO). The name of the device is composed of two Korean words, translated as "moon" and "pleasure".

Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO)

Spacecraft mass including fuelfuel is equal to 678 kilograms. It consists of six scientific instruments, five of which were created by South Korean scientists, and the sixth was provided by the US agency NASA.

South Korean-made devices include:

  • LUTI and PolCam cameras for imaging the lunar surface;
  • KMAG magnetometer for measuring the characteristics of the magnetic field;
  • gamma spectrometer KGRS for mapping lunar resources;
  • experimental DTNP device to test a new way of communication.

NASA-designed ShadowCamdeserves special attention. It includes a camera, a telescope, and sensors that can be used to study shadowy regions of the moon. The optical camera is based on a complex system that is already installed on the interplanetary station Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - however, it is 200 times more powerful than it. The Danuri station in Korea has the best camera ever set on the moon.

With the help of ShadowCam, the South Korean apparatus will be able to study the dark corners of the moon

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Preparations for the launch of the Danuri space station

At the end of July, the Danuri station was successfullydelivered to the American Cape Canaveral, from where the launch will be made. According to South Korean sources, the device has already been refueled and placed in the nose fairing of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The launch of the device was previously scheduled for August 3, but the event had to be postponed due to problems with the maintenance of the aircraft.

The mass of the Danuri space station is 678 kilograms.

Live broadcast of the Danuri launch

At the moment, the launch date of the Danuri station is scheduled for August 4, at 23:08 GMT. Moscow time, this is 02:08 am on August 5. That is, at the time of the publication of this article, only a few hours remained before the launch.

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle will be used to launch the station.

If you don't plan to sleep tonight, run watch the broadcast of the Danuri launch! It will be hosted on the official YouTube channelSpaceX company. Usually the live broadcast starts 15-20 minutes before the rocket launch. If all goes according to plan, we should see a Falcon 9 reusable stage land for future reuse.

The device will search for the best place for people to land on the moon

In addition to performing scientific tasks, the Danuri stationshould demonstrate the readiness of South Korea to work in interplanetary space. If all goes well, in the future, South Korean scientists will be able to launch a full-fledged lunar rover. And none of the leaders doubts the success of the Danuri mission - a lot of preparatory measures were carried out before it and no problems were found.

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