Cosmo Communicator smartphone and laptop on Android and Linux (3 photos)

London Crowdfunding Campaign DevelopersPlanet Computers tried to combine two classes of high-tech devices: a smartphone and a computer, using the form factor of the old and somewhat forgotten communicators Psion Series 5, Nokia Communicator and Sharp Netwalker. Cosmo Communicator, which received more than $ 2 million in fundraising, will use the traditional QWERTY keyboard and folding mechanism.

Cosmo Communicator has two screens: the main with a diagonal of 6 inches (2160 × 1080) and a small 1.92 inch (570 × 240) information screen installed on the outside of the smartphone in a folded state. The small display will transmit to the user information about phone calls, notifications and broadcast time.

The hardware of the smartphone will work on 8MediaTek Helio P70 nuclear processor, the amount of RAM was 6 GB, and the built-in 128 GB. Security is provided by a fingerprint sensor built into the keyboard.

There is an NFC sensor, two USB Type-C connectors and3.5mm headphone port. The external camera is equipped with a sensor with a resolution of 24 megapixels, and the internal one, an analog of the front in conventional smartphones, received a 5 megapixel sensor. Autonomous operation is provided by a 4220 mAh battery. The keyboard has a backlight, two speakers, a special button for voice assistant. There is a slot for expanding the microSD memory.

Cosmo Communicator runningAndroid 9.0 Pie, but the developers plan to make the device multisystem with the further integration of OS Sailfish, Linux Debian and Linux Kali. It is planned to offer Cosmo Communicator to customers at a price of $ 748.

Source: zdnet