Less crime committed in urban allergy season

The air we breathe can affect ourbehavior. Recently, this fact was confirmed by researchers from the US state of Colorado, who found a correlation between dirty city air and crime growth. As it turned out, even the pollen of plants contained in the air can affect the degree of aggressiveness of people. When there is a lot of it, many people have an allergy - endless sneezing and tears running in streams directly affect mood and well-being. Many potential criminals are likely to have pollen allergies because scientists have shown that there is a connection between allergy seasons and a decrease in crime.

During a period of exacerbation of an allergy, a person becomes less aggressive due to weakness

Results conducted by scientists from the AmericanMichigan State have been published in the scientific journal Health Economics. Researchers have collected crime data in 17 US cities and found that crimes occur 4% less often than usual during the flowering season. It is at this time that many people have an allergy to pollen, which causes bouts of never-ending sneezing and severe tearing.

What are the benefits of allergies?

It is noteworthy that in this study, speech inmostly about domestic crimes. These include domestic quarrels between lovers and relatives, which end in tragedies. Given that in allergic seasons, many people prefer to stay at home, reducing the number of domestic scandals seems to be an extremely surprising phenomenon. It is logical to assume that at a time when many people are together in a confined space, the number of quarrels should be statistically greater. But no - the research results prove the opposite.

Allergies can await you throughout the entire period between the beginning of spring and the end of autumn

Researchers believe the reason for the droppeople's aggressiveness is pollen floating in the air. According to the World Health Organization, about 40% of the total population of our planet currently suffers from allergies. Of course, among them there are a huge number of people who hardly survive the flowering seasons of plants. And, most interestingly, among allergy sufferers there are probably aggressive individuals who can commit a violent crime.

You won’t believe it, but criminals get sick too

And they would have done, only in the seasonsallergies, they probably feel a breakdown, because annoying sneezing is able to squeeze all the energy even from the strongest healthy man. Some studies show that during an exacerbation of allergic reactions, people’s moods can change so much that they can become depressed. Side effects of allergies also include a decrease in mental activity, poor memory and a slowed reaction. Yeah, city jack-rippers at this time had better lie down at home.

By the way, some people may even be allergic to water

In general, the composition we breathe in affects airto many factors of our life. The worst thing is that air affects its duration especially strongly. In one of our materials, we mentioned that more than five million people die every year due to dirty city air. If measures are not taken to clean the environment from harmful substances, by 2050 the number of deaths could double.