HP has a new product: a stand-alone VR backpack (9 photos)

HP unveiled at Computex 2019Another highlight is the high-performance backpack backpack VR G2. The need for this kind of computer equipment arose primarily among those for whom the personal computer is a tool for work, may be needed at any time and therefore must be at hand.

This is at least the fourth "backpack"computer assortment of HP, starting in 2016. The technical characteristics of the new improved. So, the PC is based on the eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor and the Nvidia RTX 2080 video card, which gives it an advantage in computing power of 30% and an additional performance increase of 25% in terms of graphics compared to its predecessor.

When the user needs, the computer is wornAs a backpack, it works on batteries, which, if necessary, can be easily changed. But in certain situations, the new HP VR Backpack G2 can be used as a regular high-performance desktop computer. For this, a docking station is included.

The new model has an improved design - it isIt concerns a better place to place batteries, making their replacement more convenient. It became easier to remove the frame for cleaning the system. HP itself recommends a device for "entertainment centers, design, modeling and design of architectural structures." The new HP VR Backpack G2 is priced at $ 3299.