TikTok topped global non-gaming app revenue in September

According to research firm SensorTower, TikTok was the world's top non-gaming app in terms of revenue in

September.In total, TikTok has earned more than $315 million in the App Store and Google Play app stores. These figures exceeded the service's revenues in September last year by 1.7 times. It is noted that 49.2% of these revenues were provided by the service received in mainland China from the Douyin application, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok. In second place in terms of profitability is the US market, which brought TikTok 16.6% of revenue in September, and in third place is the Japanese market, which brought TikTok app developers 3.4%. Second in terms of revenue from non-gaming applications is YouTube, which earned $130 million in September, up 20.9% from September last year. Also in the top five in September revenue are Tinder, Google One and Disney +.