Why are cardboard houses being built in America?

I think each of us has seen at least once in a lifetime,like a hero of a Hollywood action movie easily breaks a thin wall of an American house with one hand or foot. However, the viewer's epic enthusiasm for what he saw quickly gives way to the question: “Is it true that in the USA houses are made of cardboard?”. Especially often, such questions arose several years ago, but now it happens. Well, let's try to figure out why this happens.

In Russia, breaking a wall with one hand without injuries just will not work

What are houses built in America made of?

In Russia, modern houses are being built, for the most partits mass of blocks or bricks. It is believed that such materials are durable and much more resistant to cold than other building materials. At the same time, on the other side of the globe, people tend to think very differently, preferring to use more lightweight materials in the construction of houses. So, in most North American states, thin wooden beams are used as the frame of the future home, which is sheathed with sheets of chipboard or plywood. Well, not cardboard, of course, but the properties are not much different from it. Outside, such a house is decorated with siding or decorative brick. And what is your house built of? Will we discuss it in our Telegram chat?

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Due to the fact that the overlap in American homesdo not differ in great durability, on all floors above the first one it is strongly not recommended to jump, dance or drop something heavy. The consequences of a careless jump, I think, are clear to everyone.

I highly recommend you not to jump on the upper floors of the American house
(frame from the movie "Shawshank Redemption")

Why are homes in America so easy to destroy?

US residents are much less concentrated onthe construction of durable housing, not only because of the favorable climate, which does not require additional thermal insulation of the house in the cold season, but also because of frequent hurricanes. Agree, it is better to build a house from light materials, which, if necessary, can be easily restored than a monumental block or brick building, which requires much higher costs for reconstruction. In addition, the low cost of the building allows you to not make a big life tragedy from the fact that your house was destroyed as a result of another hurricane.

Destroyed houses in America - quite a normal sight after the hurricane winds

Due to the incredible lightness of constructionframe dwellings, new residential areas are being built in a matter of months, which is also a definite plus in conditions requiring a certain mobility of the population and readiness to constantly change their place of residence.

What do you think would be suitable for such a technology for building buildings in our country?