The smallest camera in the world from OmniVision

Smartphone development includesa heap of devices in an increasing number of cameras, providing a variety of shooting modes and increasing the overall quality of photo and video shooting. In this regard, the question of the size of new cameras, which should become smaller, but carry out increasingly complex tasks, is becoming acute.

A record holder recognized even by an authoritative bookGuinness World Records, in miniature size, was the camera developed by the American company OmniVision. The OV6948 sensor has dimensions of 0.575 x 0.575 x 0.232 mm.

Users can take pictures whenusing the camera OV6948 with backlight video, having a resolution of 200 × 200 pixels at 30 frames / sec. The camera viewing angle is 120 ° and the focal length is from 3 to 30 mm. The created device provides a clear image without visual noise and interference, as well as color distortion using a cable no longer than 4 meters.

Cameras based on the OV6948 matrix willbe used to solve medical problems, and the developers assure that the dimensions will allow the camera to be used even when examining the circulatory system. Specialists will receive a device with a minimum energy consumption of 25 mW, which minimizes heat generation. Disposable endoscopes for examining the internal organs of a patient solve the sterilization of a medical instrument.

Source: ovt