Boring Company transport tunnels will open in the spirit of Fallout

Another project of a tireless engineer,inventor and billionaire Elon Musk is heading towards successful completion. The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop project, aimed at the construction of an underground communications system under the Las Vegas Convention Center, is almost ready and its launch is delayed only by quarantine measures caused by the pandemic.

The Boring Company founder Elon Musk postedon Twitter a photo of him with "his boys" at the tunnel station. In the comments to the photo, Musk noted that "... the Vegas Loop opening party on the Fallout theme will take place as soon as possible."

Tunnel Rave

- The Boring Company (@boringcompany) December 4, 2020
Exhibition Complex in Las Vegas Las VegasThe Convention Center (LVCVA), which hosts CES events, after a grand renovation, will be able to transport visitors around the complex using Boring Company tunnels on Tesla unmanned vehicles. The length of the two tunnels from the central station was 1.6 km each.