Russian Tesla named Monarch

More and more car developers are turning theirattention to the creation of popular, economical and environmentally friendly electric cars. Recently, a new mysterious manufacturer has appeared in Russia, promising to create cars that are not inferior to the best world analogues. Monarch has already announced two models of electric vehicles: the Concept S sedan and the Concept SX crossover, and it promises to introduce four more.

On the official website of the company the maintechnical specifications of cars. It is known that the Monarch Concept SX crossover will receive such dimensions: length - 4890 cm, width - 2270 cm, height - 1750 cm. The mass of the car, depending on the configuration, will be from 2500 to 2770 kg. It is planned to supply cars with four different engines to the market, the power of which will be: 272, 407.8, 543.8 and 815 hp.

Battery-powered andthe car’s drive will receive enhanced protection from external factors. The battery is easily dismantled and, according to the developers, it will take no more than 3 minutes to replace it, which will greatly simplify the operation of the electric car and allow the driver to simply switch to a backup power source, rather than waiting for the main battery to recharge. The production of batteries will be engaged in the Russian company Liotech.

Given the features of Russian roadscar designers have provided a special off-road driving mode. The developers say that in the near future the appearance of the Concept SX and Concept S salons will be demonstrated. The prototype of the sedan will be ready by the end of 2019, and the crossover will be shown in March 2020, after which both models will be demonstrated at international motor shows.

Monarch intends to develop the projectattract about $ 226 million from investors by 2021. Funding will be directed to the creation of six prototypes of Russian electric vehicles. The cost of future Tesla competitors is impressive: the J-class sedan will be sold for 1.8 million rubles, the JX-class crossover, depending on the configuration, will receive a price of 2.3 million rubles or more. A luxury crossover SX-class will go on sale at a price for the base model of 3 million rubles. The premium L-class sedan will cost customers a price starting from 3.5 million rubles, and the LX-class SUV will get an initial price of 4 million rubles.