Google’s idea is to replace the smartphone with a piece of useful information (5 photos + video)

High technology used in mobiledevices are becoming more convenient and practical in modern life. Developers from Google suggest using an Android application that simultaneously helps to reduce the working time behind the display and at the same time takes advantage of the electronic scheduler.

Using the Paper Phone appthe owner of the mobile device will be able to display the necessary data on standard A4 paper. In a kind of memo, the user will be able to enter information from the address book, a list of planned events and meetings, a weather forecast and a map. You can transfer recipes, phrasebook, screenshots, a field for playing Sudoku and user notes to ordinary paper media.

How Paper Phone workssimple enough: the user prepares the data necessary for transferring to paper and saves it in PDF format. Then, the saved files need to be simply printed, and the program independently, depending on the form and type of data, optimizes their location on a sheet of paper and notes the layout of the sheet for optimal use.

One of the extravagant features of the applicationIt is possible to allocate space for attaching a standard credit card on paper, for which the application will print places where you need to make cuts for secure card attachment. Paper Phone is already in Google play.

First of all, the new program will help users, worried about the growing dependence on smartphones, spend part of the day without mobile devices.

Source: experiments.withgoogle