NASA has chosen a place on the moon, which is next set foot on human

Space Agency NASA intends to sendpeople into the orbit of the moon by 2024. The mission will be carried out as part of the creation of the first lunar orbital station Gateway, and probably astronauts will once again have to set foot on the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth. The agency does not want the astronauts to take a step in the same place as the crew of the historic Apollo mission - the new visit should be a new challenge for humanity, the acceptance of which will be another "giant leap for humanity." The agency has already noticed a decent place for landing astronauts - the South Pole of the Moon.

The agency became interested in this place for a reason. First, the people at the South Pole of the satellite have never been, and secondly, this area is rich in ice deposits. There is a practical benefit in this - the resulting water can be used for drinking, cooling equipment and producing rocket fuel. We can say that this is a critical resource that will help astronauts in the study not only of the Moon, but also of Mars and other planets.

The South Pole is far from the landing site of the Apollo mission, so it will be a new challenge for us and will give a new environment for research.

Stephen Clark, Deputy Head of the NASA Scientific Missions

With all this, the South Pole of the Moon is nota dangerous and mysterious place - the interplanetary station LRO has already flown over it a thousand times. During this time, she collected a lot of information to create topographic maps showing the location of ice deposits.

Now, a new question has arisen before NASA - will itAgency to fulfill the mission in a short five-year period? US Vice President Mike Pence suggested that commercial missiles may be required for this, as private vehicles may simply not cope.

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