New eye drops will present at the time of night vision

Scientists of the University Medical SchoolMassachusetts managed to give the mice the opportunity to see the light in the infrared spectrum. True, it acts temporarily. It turned out to achieve the effect thanks to eye drops equipped with light transducers. Drops are the result of the combined work of scientists from the Medical School of the University of Massachusetts and the Chinese University of Science and Technology.

They developed peculiar nano receivers,based on lectin proteins. They are sensitive to radiation in the infrared part of the spectrum, converting its green light - just with a different wavelength. This light is already located in the visible part of the spectrum, so that it is captured by the photoreceptors of the ordinary eye.

It only took to put in a liquidnanoparticles - and drip it into the eyes of experimental rodents. Light transducers were glued to photoreceptor cells. And they got the ability to react to infrared light. It is important that with the addition of nanoparticles, the normal vision parameters in mice did not change and did not deteriorate at all.

2 weeks after the experiment, all alien protein structures collapsed, leaving no trace. Agree: very much like a fantastic plot or a fairy tale with the use of a drug.

Next, scientists want to figure out what they seerodents when these drops act on them. And also, as their brain accepts and processes unfamiliar images. It is important to further understand whether it is possible to use this technology in the production of useful preparations suitable for humans.