Crew Dragon launched an alarm and docked with the ISS

Dragon-2, or Crew Dragon, - Americanthe spacecraft that was launched on March 2 from Cape Canaveral. His first flight was a test. Therefore, it was not the crew that flew in it, but a mannequin named after Ripley in honor of the heroine of the film “Alien”. The ship successfully docked with the International Space Station.

The crew of the ISS reported to Earth, which in this caseThe Russian part of the station triggered the alarm. Systems reacted to failures in the oxygen-generating system. According to the data available to journalists, a real system failure could not be detected. So the start of the alarm was blamed on the false positives of the sensors.

Currently ship is attached toAmerican Harmony module. As previously reported, the complex of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle from SpaceX and the Crew Dragon spacecraft is intended to replace the Soyuz. The current mission will allow you to check the normal functioning of the equipment Crew Dragon.