Newest Chinese Weapon Causes Intense Pain

Engineers of the People's Republic of China recentlycreated a non-lethal weapon that hurts with microwave radiation. The leading project developer told reporters about this. The weapon is called "Microwave Active Suppression." The millimeter waves with which it irradiates a target can cause severe neuralgic pain.

The novelty was developed jointly by the Chinesethe corporation of aerospace science and industry and the China Beijing Radio Measurement Institute. They plan to use weapons to protect the borders of the republic and in the fight against terrorists.

The development has 2 modes. In focused mode, you can attack individual targets, and in “sector” mode you can “highlight” crowds of people. The device is placed on a mobile platform.

It is curious that Western publications have doubtedauthenticity of data on this futuristic weapon. He was compared to a Russian weapon announced not so long ago that could cause hallucinations in enemies. Both news cause skepticism among experts.

Source: globaltimes