In fact, there will be no satellite Internet in Russia due to the new law

In the future, globalInternet, covering the entire surface of the planet - this is already engaged in the company OneWeb and the project Ilona Mask Starlink. Judging by the new decree of the Government of Russia, their deployment in the country will be extremely difficult. The reason for this will be the need to create ground stations that will receive and verify signals from foreign satellites in order to ensure national security. Moreover, global satellite communications operators will be forced to obtain permission from the FSB and FSO.

Adopted document can really complicateThe beginning of the global Internet on the territory of Russia. According to the head of AltegroSky telecom operator, Sergey Pekhterev, there are currently 150 satellite telecom operators in the world. In the current political circumstances, it may take up to 15 months to get permission from the special services - it may take so long to check for foreign operators for the absence of spyware. Moreover, it may take tens of millions of dollars for companies to create a ground communications station and years for the construction itself.

Problems may even arise from Russiantelecom operators. At the moment, in case of a breakdown of their own satellites, they can rent foreign analogues. As a rule, the transition process takes a maximum of 10 days, and with the need to pass an inspection from the FSB, this can take years.

The author of the project is the Ministry of Communications, and heThere are answers to some of the above concerns. His representatives assured that the approval process takes no more than a month. In the event of a breakdown of Russian satellites, operators will be able to rent devices authorized by the State Radio Frequency Commission on December 11, 2006. With all this, even the ministry itself recognizes that such requirements can not fully ensure national security.

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