The ONYX BOOX Edison reader is the perfect choice for comfortable reading

Carrying heavy paper books is not particularlyconvenient, and if you read from a smartphone or tablet, you quickly get tired and your eyes start to hurt. An alternative is the ONYX BOOX Edison e-reader.

The book has an E Ink Carta Plus display with a diagonal7.8 inch, made using "electronic paper" technology. Reading from such a screen is as comfortable as reading from the page of a paper book. High resolution (300 ppi) and contrast match high-quality paper printing.

Such a screen does not light up and almost does not the sun, and the built-in backlight allows you to comfortably read in poor lighting conditions and even in complete darkness. This technology (MOON Light 2) has an adjustable color tone and allows you to choose a whiter light for reading during the day and a yellower one for reading before bed. When using MOON Light 2, the flickering of the LEDs is completely absent - even with prolonged reading with the backlight turned on, the eyes will not get tired.

This model has the usual touch control,like smartphones and tablets, allowing you to flip pages, scale them and work with the context menu. When reading, it is possible to adjust a huge number of different text parameters: choose a font, size, spacing, line spacing, and much, much more.

ONYX BOOX Edison supports mostpopular book formats and in most cases the user of the device will not have to convert anything additionally. It is enough to find a file with a book of interest, write it to the device and start reading.

By the way, one cannot fail to mention the convenience of recordingcontent to the reader. You can transfer files over Bluetooth, over Wi-Fi, or even over a cable. You can download the books you need from the web using a browser and connect directly to online libraries. Users of the reader also have access to the cloud push service for remote file transfer, and 5 GB of disk space is provided free of charge. It is not necessary to constantly use the network capabilities of the reader; 32 GB of internal memory is enough to store an impressive amount of your favorite books.

Using the reader's built-in library is very convenient, it allows the user to sort books by authors, titles and series. Convenient search and filters will help you quickly find the desired work.

Summing up, I would like to note that ONYX BOOXEdison has a number of undeniable advantages over both paper books and tablets and smartphones. Using it, you will be able to read comfortably in almost any conditions.

The model has incorporated all the best that isin modern readers: an optimally sized high-resolution screen, comfortable backlighting without flickering, convenient operation, wireless interfaces and much, much more. And yet, using such a reader, you can significantly save on the purchase of paper books, which have risen in price recently.