Ilon Musk: Starlink satellite internet will work in a year

SpaceX intends to launch on near-Earththe orbit of 12,000 satellites to create the Starlink world wide web. The first batch of 60 devices planned to send last week, but the company postponed the mission two times in a row - first because of bad weather, and then because of an error in the software. Despite the unsuccessful start of the mission, Ilon Mask is sure that satellite Internet will start working already in 2020, and the company will not have to launch a dozen satellites to start.

According to Ilona Mask, satellite internetStarlink can provide communications for moving vehicles such as airplanes and ships, even with 1,000 satellites. He acknowledged that given the recent difficulties with the launch, this is also a rather large number, but it is this number of satellites that the company intends to launch over the next 12 months.

The company plans to send to the near-Earthorbit thousands of satellites up to 2027. At the moment, 2000 satellites from different space agencies rotate around the planet, but at this rate SpaceX can become a company that has practically filled the orbit with its vehicles.

I think that in 1.5-2 years, if everything goeswell, SpaceX will have more satellites in orbit than all other organizations combined. In fact, most satellites in orbit will be SpaceX satellites, ”announced Ilon Musk.

It is assumed that satellite Internet Starlinkwill be able to provide bandwidth of 1 terabit. According to Business Insider, this is enough for quiet viewing of 4K video by thousands of people at the same time.

Perhaps many people still do not understand how the global Internet will work. You can read about it in our special material.

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