Mushrooms can be the main cure for tuberculosis in poor countries

According to the World Health Organization,tuberculosis is one of the ten leading causes of death in the world. Vitamin D is often prescribed to people suffering from a terrible disease. It is obtained from sunlight and food supplements, it actively forms compounds that attack the bacteria that cause the disease. The disease is especially prevalent in poor countries where people cannot afford expensive medications, but fortunately, the necessary amount of vitamin D can be obtained from common mushrooms.

This opinion is shared by researchers fromHohenheim University - during the experiment they proved that oyster mushrooms under the influence of sunlight produces a fairly large amount of the necessary vitamin. According to Dr. Tibebe Selassie Seiyoum Kefley, a natural source of vitamin D is ideal for people with low incomes - mushrooms are affordable and easy to grow.

Vitamin D Against Tuberculosis

The benefits of oyster mushroom tuberculosis have been proven inThe course of the experiment, which involved 32 patients. For four months, together with an anti-tuberculosis drug, every morning they were given mushroom-enriched bread - it contained 146 micrograms of vitamin D. After the study expired, it turned out that 97% of patients no longer had a vitamin deficiency and their organisms demonstrated enhanced immunity against the disease .

Mushrooms used in making breakfastwere pre-dried under the sun - this significantly increased the concentration of the vitamin. At the moment, researchers continue to experiment with drying methods, hoping to get the greatest amount of antiviral substances. In the future, they intend to train patients to independently “irradiate” oyster mushrooms, so that they can prepare foods rich in vitamin D themselves.

Tuberculosis becomes more difficult to fightthe emergence of resistant to conventional drugs strains. This creates an urgent need for new methods of treatment that can be included in the number of first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs, the researchers explained.

Where does oyster mushroom grow?

The fungus is common in the forests of the temperate zone, andusually grows on stumps or deadwood of weakened birches, oaks, willows and aspens. As a rule, they grow in groups of 30 fertile bodies and form multi-storey structures. Since they tolerate low temperatures well, they can be met even in November and December, and in cold weather even in May. They have no similar features with poisonous mushrooms of Russia, however they have similar features with the Australian poisonous mushroom Omphalotus nidiformis.

Australian poisonous mushroom Omphalotus nidiformis.

Tuberculosis Statistics

World Health Organization StatisticsIt says that in 2017, 10 million people were infected with tuberculosis, and 1.6 million of them died. The largest number of diseases was recorded in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific — these regions accounted for 62% of cases of infection.

Fortunately, thanks to new treatments,the incidence of tuberculosis every year is reduced by about 2%. From 2000 to 2017, 54 million human lives were saved thanks to diagnostic and treatment technologies. It is believed that humanity will be able to defeat tuberculosis by about 2045 - how this can be achieved, read our material.

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