A new electric bike can easily fit into a backpack (8 photos + video)

Folding bikes always summon to themselvesinterest, because in the city a similar construction is convenient in all senses: it is easier to transport a two-wheeled vehicle in the elevator, bus, subway, car trunk, it is more comfortable to carry on the stairs and leave in the back in the office. The electric ORGO model is also good because it takes up minimal space when it is not parsed. It can even fit in a backpack.

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ORGO is free from pedals and large wheels, while the weightits just over 10 kg. At speeds up to 25 km per hour, an electric bike can travel 20 km. The battery is completely waterproof, which is not surprising, given its placement in the wheel. It will take 2 hours to resume full charge. The device is turned on with one button, the magnetic brakes are controlled by pressing the left knob. The electric bike is protected from accidental folding by two locks near the middle and rear wheels.

On pre-order the electric bike will cost $ 595, delivery will take place in April.

Source: ORGO