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How do abortions affect the emotional state of women?

If you turn on the TV or go to YouTube,you can see a huge number of programs where people argue about whether women can have abortions or not? Opponents of artificial termination of pregnancy believe that women who decide to have an abortion kill their baby. Proponents of abortion, in turn, do not see anything wrong with this, because some people simply can not afford to have a baby because of their age or lack of enough money to educate him. Since this topic is very relevant today, scientists from around the world are studying not only the physical consequences of abortion, but also how women feel after abortion. So do you think that voluntary refusal to give birth to a child can cause depression in women?

According to statistics, more than 500 thousand abortions are carried out annually in Russia

In 2019, a reproductive specialistHealth Julia Steinberg and her colleagues decided to find out whether abortion increases the risk of suicide in women who have decided to abandon the child. For the whole 17 years, they monitored the emotional state of more than 500 women and found that making such a difficult decision practically does not affect the risk of suicidal thoughts. According to The Lancet Psychiatry, among women who abandoned a child there were cases of suicide, but they were associated with the presence of psychological problems that arose long before pregnancy.

How do women relate to abortion?

Despite these results, mostSociety still continued to believe that after an abortion, every woman sooner or later would feel remorse for the decision. Check this assumption was decided by scientists from the US state of California in a scientific work called Turnaway.

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According to a scientific journal calledScienceDirect, a study examined data on the emotional state of 667 women from 30 regions of the United States. To clarify their attitude to the abortion, scientists simply conducted a survey among them a week after abortion and two years after making a difficult decision.

An abortion is performed for up to 20 weeks of pregnancy or with fetal weight up to 400 grams

Surprisingly, researchers, a week after51% of the women surveyed experienced abortions having exclusively positive emotions and did not regret a bit about the decision. About 20% of women reacted to their decision in a neutral manner and only 17% of the study participants began to regret what they had done. Some of them even refused to continue participating in the study.

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Even more surprising was the fact that withover time, women began to say with even greater confidence that the abortion was not in vain. Five years after the operation, 84% of women said they felt very relieved and had almost forgotten about the abortion, although at first they felt that they were doing something wrong. Perhaps the emergence of such feelings was provoked by censure by society.

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The authors of the study hastened to clarify that neitherthey didn’t want to hurt the feelings of those who regret abortion and have had a hard time surviving this period of their lives. At the same time, they also noted that the study participants could feel the therapeutic effect of participating in scientific work, because when communicating with scientists, they could be convinced of the rationality of their action and not worry about it.

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