The French test the robot dog Spot on the battlefield (3 photos)

The training program of the French army involvedin training cadets of the ubiquitous dog-like robots Spot of the Boston Dynamics company. The appearance of robots in the cadets' campaign was recorded during a two-day exercise. Photos were posted on Twitter of the most famous military school in France, École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr.

Beyond Robotic Dogs Spot in Exercisesrobots from other manufacturers took part. The main purpose of testing machines was to assess the benefits of robots on the battlefields of the future. At the same time, the main requirement of Boston Dynamics, which prohibits arming its robots, was observed.

During the exercise, cadets used Spot and its"Comrades" robots ULTRO and Barakuda in three specific combat situations: the capture of an intersection, defensive actions day and night and during combat in urban settings. It is assumed that Spot was used for reconnaissance. At the same time, the wheeled robot Barakuda provided its armor to protect the cadets from enemy fire. The ULTRO "wheeled mule" robot is designed to transport heavy equipment or weapons.

During the exercise, the Spot batteries are completelyexpended energy, and he had to be evacuated from the training battlefield. The exact data on the combat use of robots has not been published, as it may be classified information. Earlier it was reported more than once that Boston Dynamics is funded by the defense departments.

Source: gizmodo