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Why sports do not help to lose weight?

Sport - is life. Physical activity is necessary not only for the health of the body, but also for the health of the brain. But do regular sports help lose weight? If weight loss, at the most basic level, depends on the number of calories consumed, it is reasonable to assume that burning calories in the gym alone will lead to weight loss. But how are things really? Researchers believe that spending time in the gym does not really help you lose weight.

If you play sports and eat incorrectly, you can gain weight, and not vice versa

Nutrition - The Way to Lose Weight

Although you may not be ready to cancel yourmembership in a sports club, even if you have not achieved the desired results, the inevitable truth in weight loss is that physical exercise does not compensate for improper and unbalanced nutrition. Despite the fact that regular exercise can prevent the risk of developing serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, etc., weight loss is not the main advantage of sports.

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According to Discover, according to JenniferCook, a kinesiologist from York University in Toronto, as a rule, people can lose a lot more extra pounds by limiting calorie intake, rather than just doing exercise. Calorie expenditure during the usual training regimen - 30 minutes a day on most days of the week - does not lead to significant weight loss. The reason why a diet can be more effective than just exercise is that it will take a lot more effort to create a deficit of between 500 and 700 calories. In other words, you should not expect much from gym classes alone if you have not revised your eating habits.

Is it possible to gain weight while doing sports?

What could be worse than the inability to lose weightconstantly playing sports? Get better during the same workouts! Alas, sometimes the exercise program can lead to the opposite result.

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Being overweight leads to the development of cardiovascular disease.

According to the results of a study conductedA group of scientists from Arizona University, among 81 overweight women who did not adhere to a healthy diet, but worked in the gym daily for 30 minutes, most of the subjects did not lose weight, becoming more active, and more than half of them gained weight. Another study, conducted by scientists from Louisiana University, showed that over six months, 200 overweight men and women were enrolled in an aerobic exercise program under the supervision of specialists. The results showed that the participants ultimately offset the loss of calories in the workout by consuming more foods in their free time. That is, their weight either did not change at all, or they gained extra pounds. And no one lost weight.

Therefore, you must remember the benefits.A healthy diet, regardless of your weight or fitness goals, because a healthy diet and moderate physical activity can significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes in obese people, as a 2011 study showed.

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