The development of the Beeline network in Russia may stop

According to the CEO of Veon company Kaan Terzioglu, which owns the Beeline brand, mobile

the operator can greatly reduce or completelystop the development of the network in Russia in connection with the imposed sanctions restrictions that do not allow the supply of infrastructure equipment to Russia. Such data are provided by Bloomberg with reference to the head of Veon. The mobile operator's network in Russia has undergone significant modernization over the past two years and is now one of the most modern, but its development may slow down or be completely stopped. In 2021, Veon separated the towers into a separate business and sold 15,000 towers to Service-Telecom. The deal was valued at $970 million. The company is currently selling another 30,000 of its towers. This year, Veon intends to sell not only towers in Russia, but also sell towers abroad. Earlier, the company reported a 5.6% increase in revenue for the past quarter, half of this revenue was provided by Russia.