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Found a way to get rid of complexes about appearance

There are very few people in the world who are completelyhappy with their appearance. According to statistics, 70% of women and 63% of men live in Russia who are confident in the ugliness of their face and body. But scientists from the Spanish city of Barcelona are sure that you can get rid of the complexes simply by looking at yourself through the eyes of another person. After that, the big belly and other features of some people considered to be shortcomings do not seem so scary. But dissatisfaction with their body causes eating disorders in people, because of which they lose weight and spoil their figure and health even more. But how did scientists give people the opportunity to look at themselves from a third-person perspective?

Many people are complex about their appearance.

Eating disorder - This is a mental state in which a person stops eating, or vice versa, begins to overeat. Eating Disorders Cause anorexiain which a person loses weight. Also, a person can overeat and induce vomiting in order not to gain weight - this is called bulimia.

How to love your appearance?

The fact that looking at yourself from the outside helpspeople to increase their self-esteem, scientists learned during the experiment. It was attended by 11 men and 12 women aged 18 to 38 years. They were asked to fill out two questionnaires. In the first, they mentioned whether they have any eating disorders like decreased appetite or overeating. In the second, they indicated how attractive their body was.

With bulimia, a person is often hungry and therefore eats too much food. Then he feels shame and in every way tries to avoid weight gain.

The collected data was used by scientists forcreating computer models of the body of all volunteers. For each participant, researchers created three avatars. The first was created on the basis of how each person represented his body. The second was an exact copy of their bodies, with all the "flaws." And the third avatar was what people would like to see themselves ideally.

Avatar - This is a virtual model of a real person. Also called an avatar photo of a person on social networks. And in Hinduism, an avatar is the appearance of a deity in the world of people in a human form.

For each of the three avatars, the participantsStudies have given a glimpse into virtual reality. Wearing special helmets, people looked at the virtual bodies from the first and third parties. In the first case, the volunteers seemed to be inside the virtual bodies and saw them as we see our own bodies every day. In the second case, the volunteers looked at their bodies from the side. After that, they were asked to rate the appeal of each avatar.

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How to increase self-esteem?

It turned out that in the normal state when wewe see our body in the first person, we seem unattractive to ourselves. But looking at our own appearance from the outside, we can find some pretty features in ourselves. Especially strongly this effect was seen in women. During the experiment, some of them even changed their views on their appearance and admitted that they do not look as bad as they previously thought.

Scientists believe that thanks to this discovery, peoplewill be able to take a fresh look at their appearance and increase their self-esteem. As a result, people with eating disorders can also become smaller. This is very good, because refusing food and trying to avoid gaining weight by inducing vomiting and taking medications has a very negative effect on human health.

It may seem fantastic, but in the future, parents will be able to edit the appearance of their children. But will the children like the look their parents chose? Is not a fact.

It’s true to look at yourself through the eyes of other people inhome conditions are not so easy. You simply cannot approach the mirror, because it shows a mirrored image, while the people around you perceive you in a completely different way. Only 3D-modeling professionals can create their avatar for virtual reality - it takes quite a long time to learn, and ordering your model can be very expensive. In addition, not everyone can write their own virtual reality application on their own. So there is only one more or less good option. You can search your friends videos in which you appear. Or you can ask to record a new video. Thus, you can find out as accurately as possible how people around you see you.

The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Robotics and AI. And the statistics of people who are dissatisfied with their appearance, shared the publication Wonderzine.