Xbox Game Bar app can monitor and identify apps that are consuming PC resources

For users working on personalOn computers running Windows 10, Microsoft recently released an updated Xbox Game Bar app that lets you keep track of resource usage such as RAM, processor, and storage without leaving your game program. From now on, the gamer will be able to manage and control applications that consume the main system resources of the computer without leaving the game. The main advantage over similar applications already on the market is that the Xbox Game Bar is built into Windows 10, which provides flexibility and ease of use.

Updated Xbox Game Bar appclassifies tasks by the intensity of their use of system resources as low, medium or high. The application window can be docked on the computer desktop, and it can be closed without leaving the game.

Unlike apps that track generalsystem resources, Xbox Game Bar will also be able to control the resources consumed by the memory of the video card and the GPU. Also, the updated widget will help determine how the user's computer meets the technical parameters necessary for the transition to DirectX 12 Ultimate. This is a new section in the Xbox Game Bar settings. The introduction of DirectX 12 Ultimate will bring graphics technology together for gaming applications across PCs and Xbox Series X consoles.

The updated Xbox Game Bar app is now available for download from the Microsoft Store.

Source: theverge