Xiaomi launches ultraviolet sterilizer case for smartphones (7 photos)

The Chinese company Xiaomi enters the warpathwith coronavirus and other infections. Every minute use of smartphones in our hands leads to the inevitable appearance on the surface of the device of pollution and a large number of harmful substances, among which may be deadly viruses COVID-19. The new EUE Phone disinfector case will help solve the disinfection problem, which will destroy the harmful bacteria on the surface of the smartphone and other small items and gadgets.

Compact, easy to carry deviceEUE Phone uses ultraviolet light to disinfect. To protect your devices from malicious viruses, just place it inside the case, close the zipper and press the button for turning on the ultraviolet light. For disinfection with an efficiency of 99.99%, only 30 seconds is enough.

According to the developers, in the EUE devicePhone can handle not only a smartphone, but also other small items that cause the consumer to suspect the possible transfer of viruses. Also, ultraviolet treatment provides purification not only from viruses, but also from bacteria. Thus, the EUE Phone device will be useful even after the victory of mankind over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Single Battery (560mAh) EUE Phoneenough for 70 disinfection cycles, and a full charge takes 3 hours. The internal size of the sterilization bin is 167 x 92 x30 mm. Inside the EUE Phone, you can put any device from different manufacturers. The price of the cover-disinfector EUE Phone is 69.53 dollars.

Source: gizmochina