Sportcar Lamborghini Aventador printed on a 3D-printer (7 photos)

3D printing penetrates all areas of activity.person Use a three-dimensional print to copy the elite sports car Lamborghini Aventador tried a scientist from the US Sterling Backus (Sterling Backus). As a partner, an enthusiast took his 11-year-old son, for the sake of whom the experiment on printing at home a full-sized copy of a car, the cost of which is 300 thousand dollars, was started.

On the example of creating a printed sports car Backustried to demonstrate to his son and his peers the capabilities of modern science, technology and engineering knowledge. The experimenters used three 3D printers: CR-10S, CR-105S and QIDI Xpro. Technological drawings of cars were borrowed from the Internet. But so that the automaker did not bring an enthusiast to court for the illegal use of information, as well as for industrial espionage, the daredevil made changes to each printed panel. Thus, its Lamborghini Aventador received its unique design, although the overall appearance of the sports car and is similar to the original.

CR-10S and CR-105S printers printed plasticcar details. QIDI Xpro was used to create critical parts from high-strength structural materials. The frame of Lamborghini Aventador is made of steel, which should ensure the safety and durability of the car. Parts of the parts: wheels, engine and gearbox were purchased on eBay. The cost of enthusiasts to create printed Lamborghini was only 20 thousand dollars. Currently, the car is preparing to conduct test running tests.