TOP-8 online accounting services for business

On the market are online services for reference.accounting for every taste and different needs. To facilitate your choice, we conducted a small analysis of the market and identified 8 "most-most." We will understand what they have pros and cons, and then we will try to choose the best.

The main task of any online accounting service- This is to make life easier for the manager and accountant, to get rid of routine operations, hassle and even insure against errors. In addition, cloud services for accounting have a number of undoubted advantages. They have low rates compared to buying software that you want to install and configure on your computer. In addition, almost everyone has an automatic update, consulting expert support, and work is possible from any portable device. At the same time presented in this; Rating services allow you to:

  • Maintain tax and accounting;
  • To organize personnel records management;
  • Work with contractors in electronic document management format

What is important to pay attention to when choosing cloud accounting:

  • Support of taxation systems (OSNO, USN, UTII, UAT, UTP);
  • Integration with banks (necessary for automation);
  • The function of sending reports to government agencies (FTS, PFR, FSS, Rosstat, etc.);
  • Electronic signature option (can be either paid or free);
  • Training and consultations (speed of responses, quality of consultations);
  • Mobile service application (for Android or iOS);
  • Work immediately from multiple accounts (for sharing).

And, of course, special offers and bonuses!

The choice of online accounting will be influenced by those functions that are important for the conduct of your business. Therefore, pay special attention to this issue.

Data for the review was collected from opensources on the Internet and are based on real user feedback that we received during the preparation of the material. Briefly analyze the capabilities of each service and show their interfaces. So, in order:

1. Internet accounting "My business"

Russia's first cloud service forself-accounting, tax and personnel records. The service allows you to create and submit all types of reports (for the Federal Tax Service, the FIU, the Social Insurance Fund, etc.), provides a personalized tax calendar and includes 10,000 document templates. Package solutions are available for small businesses, online stores and wholesalers. Moreover, in the service “My business” there is a product-accounting system, integration with the largest Russian banks (Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB24, Bank Tochka, Promsvyazbank, etc.), CRM (“Bitrix24”, AMOcrm), online cash registers and payment systems, as well as document recognition ,.

The test period is free, but compared tosmall competitors: from 3 days to 2 weeks. In principle, this is enough to study the functionality and understand all the simplicity of working in online accounting. With the help of “My Business” you can book your own accounting, but the company-developer also provides services of technological accounting outsourcing.

2. Contour.Accounting and Contour.Elba

Services of one developer with a simple interface. Kontur.Elba will be able to replace the accountant in a small company: up to 50 employees. Its functionality includes the calculation of salaries and taxes, billing and preparation of accounting documents. Kontur. Accounting is suitable for maintaining accounting IP and LLC to 100 employees. In addition to the capabilities of Elba, this service allows the use of online calculators, electronic document management and invoice recognition. The free mode of each service is 30 days.

3. Button

Accounting service for novice businessmen withoutprofile education provided by professional accountants and lawyers remotely. It differs in that it is a functional accounting outsourcing interface that provides: accounting and personnel decisions, legal advice, setting up uninterrupted workflow and payment, assistance in finding employees and premises, providing discounts from partner companies. There is no test period.

4. Sky

Service with a clear interface and setonline accounting tools. It is designed for the most popular accounting transactions and does not include specific calculations. Can be used for almost all tax systems, except simplified with a patent. It allows you to execute documentation, maintain accounting records, report to government agencies and make payments. Includes integration with several banks (Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, Point). Free test mode for 2 weeks.

5. Scloud

1C solution lease service that allows you to transfer tocloud your own database and access it from various devices (computer, tablet, smartphone). There are several configurations available for connection, so you can choose the right solution for your company. There is a tariff that allows you to modify the rented solution. The free trial period is 14 days.

6. Finguru

Service with an interesting principle of work -the user needs to photograph the documents and send to the accountant through a special application. With “Finguru” the company receives an accountant who works remotely: makes all the necessary calculations, submits reports, accompanies with state checks, helps with any questions. The user of the service communicates with real people and can contact his accountant through a mobile application or any convenient instant messengers. In essence, this is an interface for communication with an outsourcer.

7. Buhsoft Online

This service is in our selection thanks tofavorable rates. The cost of the minimum package is from 1838 rubles / year, while the functionality of the service includes the basic tools necessary for maintaining accounting, salary and personnel. If you want to send reports online, you will need to use the “BuchSpas” chat service to receive on-line online expert assistance, and you will have to pay extra for this. Test free mode is much more than the competition - 3 months.

8. INFIN.Online

Online accountancy service includingalso specialized turnkey solutions for small businesses. It allows you to quickly solve all the basic tasks of accounting and generate reporting. The service can be adapted to the unique tasks of the company with complex accounting and includes several tariff plans. A free trial period for exploring the company's functionality is 2 months.

Now you know "in person" the best services foronline accounting. If you want to choose the best option for your business - create an account in one of the services and take note of three recommendations:

1. Understand the settings!

Configure the service to reflect the specifics.your business. If you do not want to risk your own data - fill out the test and try to work with them during the free period. So you can appreciate the usability and interface.

2. Use all the features of the service!

Test the functionality even nowit seems unnecessary to you. So you will learn what will help to improve accounting here and now, as well as give you an advantage in the future. Look at the list of service updates - how quickly new features are added. Pay attention to what advice is included in the service, as it is accompanied, check in practice - this will help avoid a lot of problems in the future.

3. The price of the service does not matter! The price of the selection error is too high!

The cost of services varies withinmobile phone costs. The low cost of the tariff, as a rule, carries with it the corresponding limitations: functional or timeframes. Changing the tariff, changing the service, waiting for the promised, but not yet implemented improvements - all this hinders your business. Choose the service that will facilitate your work, rather than add trouble.