# video | How artificial neural networks "die"

Have you seen an artificial neural dienetwork? A rather strange sight. An enthusiast who calls herself “a girl playing with AI,” shared a video with a Vice publication with the result of her project entitled “What I saw before the darkness”. The programmer created a neural network and instructed her to draw an image of a girl who does not exist in the real world, and then began to disconnect one of the artificial neurons from the network, while recording the resulting result.

What is generative and adversary networks?

The image of the girl's face was generatedgenerative adversarial networks (GAN), a type of neural networks that are trained to create new images based on databases of existing photos. By the way, we have already written about the fact that these things can significantly transform old video games, increasing the quality of the image and adding new details, while maintaining the overall style.

In our case, to create a realisticimages of the girl's face the neural network went through millions of images of real human faces. Like the neural network of our brain, which is able to recreate the images of the faces we saw, the interconnected neurons of the artificial neural network define various features of a computer-generated face: eyes, skin color, face shape, hairstyle, and so on.

After the artificial neural network completed the creation of a face, the programmer began to disconnect her neurons, one by one, until the neuron began to “forget” what face she drew.

The effect, it should be noted, is rather creepy. At first it seems that the generated face of the girl is aging. Her eyelids and skin lines become flabby, and her hair is thinner and faded. After a few seconds, something different happens. The skin on the girl's face begins to acquire a green tint, and her features begin to blur with each new neuron that is turned off. Within 60 seconds, the face completely "decomposes", leaving behind only a white-brown spot.

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“The inspiration for this projectserved as a reflection on human perception. After all, everything that we see is only an interpretation of the world around us by our brain. Man can not go beyond reality. It can remain only inside this constructed image, ”says the programmer.

She compares the result with the paintings of Claude Monet, which became more blurred with age and the deteriorating eyesight of the artist, with a predominance of green and yellow tones.

"The brain creates a different reality, but not one ofthey can not be called unreal. Neuroscientists tell us that deep neural networks in some aspects work like the visual system, so this project is a unique opportunity for me to see how the world is changing in someone's mind, albeit an artificial one. ”

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