The Government is discussing the possibility of obliging developers to use domestic Internet of Things equipment

As one of the measures to support demand for Russian electronics, the Government is discussing the possibility

oblige developers to useconstruction of new residential and industrial buildings domestic Internet of Things (IoT) equipment. For this, changes may be made to the urban planning code and the creation of a register of Russian Internet of Things equipment will be required. At the moment, all Russian equipment is produced using Chinese-made microcircuits. According to experts, Russian manufacturers of such equipment are not able to meet the needs of the industry in IoT equipment. Developers believe that the introduction of protective measures is currently inexpedient and will lead to problems with the provision of modern projects with the necessary equipment. According to MTS, the Russian market for IoT devices will shrink by the end of the year from 148.5 billion rubles in 2021 to 137 billion rubles.