Death Stranding game integrated with treadmill (video)

Computer gamers spend hourswithout movement, sitting for hours in front of the monitor. The amateur engineer Allen Pan tried to eliminate this imbalance, who decided to combine his favorite games with physical education. The simplest treadmill, working from the movement of the user's legs, which the enthusiast turned into a controller for the PS4, helped to realize the idea.

The created system was tested on the game.Death Stranding, the main tasks in which involve long walking transitions at different speeds. To control a home-made system requires the use of buttons, so the player has to move on a treadmill, holding the joystick in his hands.

YouTube demo shows howplayers quite reliably and not without difficulty cope with the tasks of the game Death Stranding, in which the mechanics of movement are developed very realistically, with the necessary preservation of balance and taking into account the terrain.

Death Stranding was first introduced in November 2019, and was developed by game designer Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series.