Presented by CityAirbus - a prototype of unmanned aero taxi (7 photos + video)

Airbus Aircraft Corporationdemonstrated CityAirbus - a prototype of an electric unmanned multi-seat aircraft. This Aerotaxi can fly in absolutely automatic mode without a pilot.

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Experts compare the novelty with a helicopter,equipped with spinners, and an inverted bicycle or drone. In fact, the device is a drone, scaled to a size that can accommodate 4 people at once. Aerotaxi, weighing more than 2.2 tons, is capable of traveling up to 60 kilometers at a speed of about 120 kilometers per hour. The device has an electric motor. The company claims that they created aero taxi for the quick delivery of passengers to railway stations and airports in the case of traffic jams, as well as for the health care sector and services that perform work in emergency situations. The cost of one device will be one million euros.

As stated by Andres Scheuer, who headsThe Ministry of Transport of Germany, his department will develop the legal basis for the use of air taxi in the general public transport system. Ministry officials are already talking about organizing a route to Munich Airport.

According to experts, flying taxis can begin to apply in large cities after 6 years. Such developments are not only Airbus, but Boeing, Audi, Bell Helicopter, Rolls-Royce and Ehang.

Source: Deutsche Welle